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REALLY, RIOT? Trundle's Lore Travesty

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Blood Ruby



I love the new art, and I am sure some are getting attached to it as well. The new lore seems to be unanimously panned. What is the best way to keep the new look for people like me while folding in the original lore for the fans if that story? I would love this to be a chapter 2, rather than a retcon.

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Senior Member


Alright. In my personal opinion, Riot screwed up and they were lazy. Even with the lore rework, in no way did it need to be a retcon.

Lets see what elements are 'trundle'.

  • Attitude.
  • Runt who was used.

That to me is the core part of his story. Lets also look at what parts of the new lore are critical to him.
  • Clever and deceptive.
  • King of the trolls.
  • Allied with Lissandra
  • Arrogant.

My first list may be wrong, I'm not an avid trundle player. BUT! Lets see, Riot could have had Trundle grow and desire a new home, looking north because of a tribe of trolls up there. He tries to assimilate himself with them but that fails, so he decides if he wants the respect of trolls, he will take it. Keep most of the new lore, add in something like how the ice club corrupts his body towards ice or something like that, and or beat the bonecrafter alleviating the curse except the regeneration is now attached to decay. This justifies the passive and most of his abilities to boot, while keeping trundle as trundle because the character grew.

It's more of a rough draft of ideas, and would need to be cleaned up but I hope I got the point across.

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Trundle – The Twice Cursed Troll
Generations ago, a twisted necromancer known as Hakolin the Bronecrafter attempted to enslave a tribe of trolls known as the Rughosk. These trolls are considerably more genteel than their ill-mannered brethren, although still uncouth by human standards. The Rughosk fought tooth and claw againt the necromancer, ultimately driving him from their land. As a parting gift, Hakolin afflicted the trolls with a leprous disease, forever cursing the tribe. Caught forever in a hideous rotting state, the Ruhgosk endured their curse while desperately in search for a cure. They never found one.

A wise Rohgosk shaman learned that he could magically bind the disease to a single troll. Provided that the troll could bear the weight of the entire tribes cure upon himself. There was no such troll, until the birth of Trundle. His ability to regenerate was so profound that it appeared as if he did not carry the disease. When he came of age, he took the curse from his tribe in a baptism of searing agony. Through the ritual, Trundle became a horrifying creature whose flash constantly sloughs off his body, only to be re-grown on an unremitting cycle.

In search for a cure for himself Trundle ventured north. Eventually he came across a tribe known as the Frostguard hearing stories of the victories over evil. Seeking guidance with their leader, Lissandra fixed the curse with a spell of her own by encasing Trundle with a new skin of ice. Unfortunately this came with a price. Returning home, Trundle un-intentionally released a new curse on to his tribe bringing everything into the village into a frozen state, including his brethren . In search of finding a cure for his tribe, Trundle takes his role as a Champion in the League of Legends.

1. Keeps most of the old lore
2. Explains the new skins
3. Gives a another good reason to stay in the LoL
4. Ties in with the new champion, Lissandra.