LoL not recognising MacBook tap

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I just installed the PBE in my Mac, since I noticed inscriptions were up.

I started my first match (a Custom, btw) and noticed that the movement command was configured for MB2 (I don't have that button in my Mac, unless y have a Mouse). I configured Smartcast on QWERDF and tried to put the action/move button on MB1, but it wouldn't let me. It just showed MB2, as if no button was pressed. So I put Ctrl+MB1 instead (Which did work). But after that I couldn't click any button in the menu. I coudn't configure anything else nor leave the game or minimize; so I turned off the computer.

Well, that's pretty much it. I would appreciate if someone told me how to configure the keys from outside the game.


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This has happened to a lot of people; The in-game keybinding screen makes it very easy to accidentally unbind MB1, causing you to be unable to click any game UI elements.

To fix it
1) Open Finder
2) Navigate to your /Applications folder
3) Right click League of
4) Click Show Package Contents
5) Double click on the following folders as they appear: Contents, LOL, Config
6) Open the file input.ini in TextEdit, and fix your accidental MB1 keybinding. You can do all your keybindings from here if you wish.
7) (Alternative) If you just delete the input.ini file instead, you can re-launch the game and it will set the keybindings back to default.