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Basketball Anyone?

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The NCAA tournament is here and here is how I'm celebrating it on LoL.

Grab people who have Darius, Singed, Alistar, Teemo and of course, Jarvan.

Get everyone to level 6. (for jarvan)

Your Jarvan must make a hoop for your team. The point of the team whose Jarvan made the hoop, you must hit the other team into it.

You get 2 points for Alistar making it in. 3 points for Singed making it in. And Darius dunks. What does Teemo do? He's worth an extra 5 points if you make him in.

Darius stands next to enemies and Jarvan ults onto an enemy by him and every additional dunk Darius gets adds +2( Teemo bonus still counts ).

Teemo may go invisible. Teams should buy hextech sweepers and oracles.

You may not kill someone unless they are in the hoop. If you are low HP I suggest you back.

First ones to 50 win and get to destroy the other teams nexus.

TIPS: Use Alistar for set-up, then get the point. Singed is pretty much the Teemo hunter. Speed to him and toss him in. Max Teemo's speed and blind. It'll help you run away.

Alistar is good for knocking enemies out of way of getting points. As well as everyone else.

Jarvan doesn't need to stay in the hoop to get points. He can flash out or whatever to help defend.

Enjoy Killing Teemo!

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Trash Talk

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this seems very complicated and solely based on people getting the correct play to happen.