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AP Support Soraka

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Im betting half of the time you have a gold problem. I like to get 3 kage's first, boots depending on the enemy team, then a Rylais and an innervating locket. I max gold gen on her with runes and the masterie on greed so I will have this all done by 40 minutes at worst.

you only get starfall so it can proc the slow from rylais and to lower magic resist, its dmg is horrible and you know it. Plus she is a healer, and when a healer doesn't heal she feeds.

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I play AP OFFENSIVE Soraka... Solo queing... I have over 120 games with her... about 65% win ratio and I play EXCLUSIVELY in Twisted Treeline.

My views about this build:
- You are getting Astral Blessing Too late (I usually get it at lvl 5 because helps you staying in lane). Also you should ALWAYS get wish at lvl 6. Saving a teammate or yourself with Wish is extremly important.

- I try to Max starcall early... I seldomly get lvl 2 Blessing before lvl 14. Usually I get something like 4/1/4/2 or 5/1/3/2 In my build at lvl 11. I also pick up healing summoner spell.

- Mejai is extremely good for Soraka. Soraka has very little health, therefore people like to kill her. I rather build Catalyst and Boot as first item, then go for whatever you want

- On a 3v3 Innervating Locket pretty much sucks... unless you get it late game for staying power (I ALWAYS get Catalyst and boots as first items). Take into consideration that Innervating locket doesnt Give you AP, with the same Gold you can start your Deathfire Grasp (codex or Kage pick). Which are good items early game. Or you can get Mejai if your team is doing great.

- Dreamalong: If you really need Greed, Lucky Picks, and Runes to get gold... you are pretty useless. A Soraka built around starfall can Solo its lane effectively and can go jungle a bit after lvl 5 (on lvl 7 you should take golem or lizard without much trouble).

- Empyron: I havent used Randuim, but I feel it is a good item. The only problem is that an AP soraka doesnt get much armor so the active wont be as good. My build (on 3v3) is something like this:

- Catalyst
- Boots + upgrade

- Mejai, Leviathan and/or Spirit Visage. Depending if im doing great or not so great, visage is my preffered early survival item.
- Deathfire grasp (cooldown, AP and a nice 30% firebolt to help against tanks)

All purpose:
- Rylai (HP and damage)
- Innervating locket: I dont like this item... but i do get it occassionally. Helps staying in the fight longer for you and your friends

Damage and AP support:
- Zhonya
- Abyssal Scepter

- Rylai (see all purpose)
- Veil (survival if magics and stuns are being annoying)
- Guardian Angel
- Randuin (just read about it, but i never gotten it before)
- Other armor or magic resist item if necesarry.
- Red Elixir.

My typical final build ofr 3v3 would be

Deathfiregrasp for damage or visage for survival
Zhonya & Scepter for damage
Rylai and Guardian Angel for survival