A good second role for an ADC bot player?

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Snowbi Wan

Senior Member


Support would certainly be a natural conclusion as you can already glean from your familiarity with the bottom lane and you have been playing with supports for a while now.

I'm going to suggest however that you try to learn all of the roles, at least a little bit. Being well rounded and having an understanding of lots of different champions in different lanes will help you in any role you play - even ADC.

Mid lane could also be a good place to go. If you are used to playing an ADC you understand the role of a damage dealer who builds glass cannon. AP carry isn't entirely different. You will be more focused on spells, cooldowns, and burst rather than sustained damage through autoattacks - but the role of carry isn't that radically different AP or AD. Both rely on positioning and damage from safety.

I imagine the hardest role to pickup would be jungle. You aren't farming a lane and you don't have a lane opponent. You must have a greater map awareness and check each of the three lanes for gank potential or to help someone who is falling behind. I find when I play ADC I get so focused on farming that I often look up at the scoreboard at 15 minutes and see the score is 5 to 5 and I don't remember any of those kills or deaths happening. I'm just happily last hitting and trying to get the holy trinity of ADC items.