Trying to improve my skills

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Might as well tell you about how I play since I'm looking for feedback. I've been playing since Galio and only recently have I tried this thing where I unlock my screen. I'm having trouble last hitting and I can't seem to remember to ward and know when it's safe to ward. When I'm.... anywhere really I always have this bad habit of overextending and dying very aggravating deaths. I just want to get better and out of Silver. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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generally, your gonna wanna keep practicing with unlocked screen until you get the hang of it. switching from locked screen to unlocked can be a big jump, but gives you better map awareness, which is also important.

as for knowing when it's safe to ward, you generally want to avoid facechecking to ward. if you want to ward the enemy wraiths as galio, its a good idea to through a resolute smite in the bush first, since the enemy jungler might be in there, and if they are, the slow would help you escape. as for over extending, be aware which enemy champions are mia. don't over extend withought wards, unless you can see every enemy on the map. theres a chance they could be waiting to gank you. as for last hitting, you'll want to just practice. try playing a custom and just practice last hitting. when you get some ap, galio becomes really easy to farm with, since you can clear the wave with your skills. if you want to farm, but the creeps are to far in the enemy lane to get withought overextending, and you don't have wards, its better not to risk it. just take your wraiths, or if your pushed, its a great idea to gank as the mid laner. galio is also a great ganker with his slow and his ult.

remember, practice makes perfect