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Sejuani VU

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Junior Member


The mace and sejuani looks really nice along with the ice effect and spells. The one thing I do not like about this rework is the change of her boar compared to the old one. This might be me personally but i have had alot of fun with the old model of the boar which i think looks like a retarded asian kid which has brought me alot of laughter(kinda messed up) but still i have had alot of fun with it.
I will forever miss you pig ;(

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i agree with you on the on the fact that the pig just looks..... well he does not meet the standards of old bristle.

unfortunately, i don't agree with you with the stuff about her spells.

when you q now it feels as if a magical force picked bristle up and tossed him forward. before it looked like bristle did a full on charge... i miss that, it looked aggressive, powerful, and scarey.

and the fact that people don't get encased in ice anymore..... that has to be the bigest let down... nothing was better than looking at the enemy team and all their minions as one giant ice cube.

also, the colors on both sej and bristle are waaaaaaaay to bland. they don't stand out.

its a shame. because trundle has a bigger flowing than sej, you hear a lot more on him...... i feel that us sej fans are getting swept under the carpet..... i wish we could have a red tell us what he thinks