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Sejuani Relaunch is LIVE on the PBE!

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I found out that when u activate permafrost when it is on cd it does not apply frost is that just for me

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Tzêt Ãshkårï

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I was trying to test the Sejuani rework on my PBE account, and it looks like it is no longer live on the PBE. Is this true?

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i really expected a more creative passive than this...

actually... frost was more creative, and boy was it a FELT and SYNERGIZED passive on sej's kit.
(it's rare to see such wonderful presence of a passive),,,

the new passive is just like a random one you put on sej... all you guys complaining 10% slow is weak, yeah it weak by itself but you guys were looking at it not as a whole...
10% slow is not inferior to 10-25 armor +10-25 slow reduction if you factor out where that 10% slow is used:
chasing champs, sticking to priority targets, timing for permafrost, holding people in range, aoe slow from arctic assault, etc...
it far outclasses that armor and slow reduction.
(if you guys felt 10% slow was weak, increasing it to 15% or 20% through levels would've solved the previous passive perfectly)

what's 25 armor for a tank? you'll probably get more than enough armor with just 1 item + innate armor. in normal circumstances.
does 25% slow reduction help you chase? even if you had that slow reduction if a champ slows you down he'll still be able to escape without any problems...

i know its kinda too late for these to expect major changes now that she's nearing her final phase of release. but i'd appreciate it if you guys took this into account... its just like after a long wait from the previous thread, instantly a new sej comes out soon to be put on live, we didnt even get an idea where her skills were going due to the long silence... and now shes gonna be released just like that... (i checked that thread everyday... sejuani feedback thread...)

sej was my main and i played her in 90% of my ranked games in 8+ months...
for people who haven't really invested time playing the previous sej,
she was much better then, especially at doing her role...

for riot who has now taken sej out of pbe i hope you're doing something about this... its the perfect time to do so...
if not then i hope a miracle happens and lets you guys decide to revert all her skill changes to the old sej...

the old sej had one problem... early game survivability, specifically jungle survivability (shes easily put down by jungle creeps, too easily countered by enemy jungler)... but it was do-able if you specced her runes masteries and early items to jungle.
does 10 early armor solve that? (im not even gonna include 10% slow reduction)...

its ironic really, you guys wanted to increase the duration of frost debuff so there would be more time window for permafrost (timing and not activating it immediately) ok so frost is now 4s from 3s, but you removed the 10% slow... you guys do realize that the reason you time perma was to maximize slow from frost right?

sample using ezreal:

before you as sej charge onto ez applying frost debuff 10% slow continiously thus being able to stick to ez slowing him down for your team, ez decides to port/flash since he needs/forced to make distance, you wait for him to do that then permafrost close in again rinse and repeat...

now you charge onto ez applying frost, but since it has no slow, arctic assault and your normal attack is just damage, so how do you lock ez for your teammates especially if he moves faster than you (most probably the case)? use perma, but then he decides to flash or blink away... can you chase him? maybe... maybe you'll get to him before perma wears off... which is also by the way, in a reduced early duration and discouraged maxing early due to low per level gains...

whats good with frost slow? even if the enemy has a mspd buff (nunu) your still able to stick around plus your able to spend your resources on something else other than make sure your moving faster than most of your enemies...

the new permafrost is fine its the removal of frost that's really changing her a lot...
if you guys arent gonna change much from the sej now, the least you could do is bring the old passive back... the new passive isn't really giving any good to sej...

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Can someone explain the 16% bonus hp since im either getting it wrong or people just dont understand.

Is it 4% per tick if so its garbage. Its going to completely ruin her as a champ. She will fall into complete extinction.

A 4% of bonus hp is garbage would end up with like 20 extra dmg from it. Yes you boosted the base dmg at lvl 5 from 44 to 240.

However with people saying the effects of her w being the same as her AA range. Unless you activate your w, q into them and it activates the second stage of aoe dmg then e instantly on them. People are going to walk away from you. Or flash.

Shortening the cd's wont improve it. Her W is what makes her viable in any aspect for being a tanky champ. The 10% slow also provided great chase utility slowing people enough for back up to arrive or even to kill people fleeing.

Rylais will be mandatory to rush if this is the case just for decent ganks which pushes her back in gank ability till lvl 8-10. Assuming your not getting counter jungled at all. She isnt a great laner and mostly a mid to late game champ. However it was easy to gank and let the lanes grab easy kills while you soaked up dmg.

As it sits you need to dive in have your E maxed out cause 1.2 seconds of slow is 100% useless and without rylais your not keeping them in range since you dont start with boots.

The q's range has been shortened from what it is currently. Which means I will need to some how get close enough on top of someone to dash in onto them knock them back which while itll disrupt its not going to stop them from getting away.

Further destroying her kit.

From what I know her q already disrupted master yi's heal. You are just giving it more dmg.

So your shifting power from her w but removing an integral part of her.


B. I have never been playing her jungle and went.

MAN you know what she is a slow jungle. I hit lvl 4 before my mid or top lane does often.

I never seem to see any issues with her surviving jungle. I run armor runes. I assume im in the jungle im not starting with armor on her. Im trying to rush certain items on her and its usually not rylais first. Thats usually 3rd or 4th item I finish out on her.

Her base mobility is rather slow. Which will force people to either a get boots of mobility (which do nothing for her) or give up home guard boots to have the boots that give her 12% boosted mobility while doing dmg to targets.

This is a big issues. Since shes a tank. On average I have 5k hp. When I recall, you need homeguard boots or you have to stand there like a derp for almost 30 seconds before your at full hp.

Once again your ruining her kit.

The majority of the reason im here though is that.

If her w is dealing 16% per tick of her bonus hp. Then that wont be bad. However if its dealing 4% of her bonus hp. You might as well scrap her w and rule it as garbage since you already nerfed its range to AA range.

She wont have any dmg. Her usefull cc will be majorly gimped. Making it more important for certain items.

As I said before her W range should be atleast 50-75% of her AA range

and if you nerf her w so it only does 4% of her bonus hp per tick. I want a refund on her + her skin I bought since she wont be the champion I bought and liked enough to have a skin.

You are completely changing her and if I read this right and its 4% bonus hp per tick not 16. I want a refund cause a. her w is completely fking useless doing a max of less dmg than what I currently can do with her. People are just going to walk away from her so itll force you to be balls deep in a team fight to do anything while being almost completely useless dmg wise.

I mean lets compare things her.

J4 gains atk speed and armor from his e. his passive deals 8% of the targets hp as dmg. his q shreds armor. While a differnt champ. The same could be said if you took his passive and was like meh its not worth anything lets change it so that it does.... 100flat magic dmg.

Yes this post was a lil more ragey because I see one of my favorite champions being destroyed and I am not happy about it. Since people are saying its 4% bonus hp per tick with a much shorter duration and time.

Even calculating in the innitial next hit dmg. Its destroyed and I will be getting a champ and skin refund since im quite positive she will be fking useless.

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Junior Member


just so you know, her previous W was 44 + 2% of max hp per sec, upping to 66 + 3% when frosted... right now its 60 + 4% of bonus hp per sec, but only for 4 sec,

if you calculated at 3000 health: (sej has a base of around 2000)
previous = 44+60=104 dmg per sec upping to 66+90=156 dmg per sec on frosted targets
in 6 sec = 624 normal dmg , 936 on frosted
current = 60+40=100 dmg per sec + 120 starting hit dmg
in 6 sec = 520 dmg

so basically they just removed the extra dmg from frosted targets into arctic assault and faster burst

now lets say enemy has 2000 hp 1 assault and 1 round of winds, to make it simple lets not factor in arctic assault base dmg since its the same as before, just the 8% max hp they added.
previous = northern winds damage + 1 assault = 624 to 936 + 1 assault
current = northern winds + 1 assaults (with 8 max hp of enemy) =520 + 1 assaults + 8% max hp
8% of 2000 is 160 thus 160 + 520 = 680 + 1 assault

now on to your suggestion
16%hp per second dmg even if its just bonus hp is absurd... if you want to do the math, considering we have bonus hp of 1000 thats 160 dmg per second + the base 60 per sec thats 220 per sec...
now i know they nerfed the damage of sej and her slowing capability overall for an armor and slow reduction buff which is totally nuts and unfair, but please think before you post anything like that... with that kind of posts we might just be ignored...

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her W is fine as it is. On average in games it does 240dmg per second when im playing her thats per tick.

Which gives her the ability to actually 1v1 someone.

You nerf her dmg down by 50% or more. Shes screwed. Honestly.

Shes a jungle champ, she is a tank. Hell even voli bear builds full tank and not dmg output for jungle. Relying on the active for his w to be able to do stuff effeciently.

They are going to rework her W and completely fuq her kit up.

Also im not sure if you understand this or not.

Bonus hp is anything beyond base hp

Which at lvl 18 its anything over 1980 hp its not anything over her starting hp which is only about 520.

So even with my current build on her getting 5300hp.

5300-1980 = 3320 * .04 = 132 + 60 = 190 dmg in per tick + w\e else the ap bonus would grant which im assuming it would be somewhere around 20ap.

So she would be doing maybe the same dmg. However much less since 2 seconds less time for the skill. People are going to escape her REALLY easy.

16% ill admit is a lil much however to venture to say 8% would be much more balanced since there are other builds you will have to build on her. Your not going full out hp tank every game and doing such is dumb.

However changing it from 2% of max at lvl 5 to 4% of bonus. then removing the additional 50% dmg that frosted targets would receive is just stupid.

Her skills have way too long of cd's for her to become a skill jungler. Her base dmg is calculated upon melee dmg. Not to mention her base melee dmg is garbage. So... Wanna tell me how she is going to trade with anyone after this with her main skills being screwed?

Shes not going to be repetedly q'ing into people since its an 11 second cd still at lvl 5.

Her w lasts much less time so while she MIGHT be able to do 700+ dmg with it. Her auto attacks are not going to kill people.

So in a 1v1 situation in your own jungle. Your as good as dead since other champs like xin can build tanky as heck and then use their q and take 1\3rd of your hp in 3 hits.

My point is.

Shes an AP tank.

She isnt an AD tank, so removing her abilities is like taking a cats claws out. She will just be a punching bag at that point with no ability to do any real dmg. Further more increasing her reliance on her team. For fuqs sake your going to slow her down in the jungle since it usually takes the full 6 seconds on her w to clear out camps + extra time to kill the bigger minions in the camps.

So yeah, when I say your going to ruin her. Its because I play her ALL the time. Look at my ranked match history


She is my main champion. This is also ONLY ranked games. I play her in draft games too. Since I dont ONLY play her ranked.

Also if you notice I have been J4 jungle, its in anticipation of RIOT destroying her. I will give her 2-3 games see how bad it really is if she isnt anywhere CLOSE to her prior ability. I want a refund on her. Since I paid RP for her and for her skin.

It was because I played her on free and kicked some major a$$ with her. Which made me inturn buy her and a skin for her.

All in all say im raging or w\e However.

Your destroying her kit and taking away her dmg ability.

Yes im going to be in here and rage because she is my main champ for ranked games. Shes very strong and balanced.

Her slow is getting almost removed at lower levels being only 3 seconds worth at lvl 5. Without any base slow.

25% less slow duration wont save her since instead of 4 seconds of slow from something itll be 3 seconds \o/ and people escaped YAY...

Yeah leave her how she is if your going to destroy her. Or lemme play her to critique her how she is. I cant play PBE since the registration has been down for over 3 months now.

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Am I wrong to compare Ashe to Sejuani?

Ashe's Q = Toggle: Basic attacks slow enemies by 15/20/25/30/35% for 2 seconds.

Now I am not saying the Sej needs the exact same ratio but it stands to reason using the lore that she would be similar in ratios.

In this line of thinking, Ashe on foot is about to out run Sejuani on a war pig at level 2. There needs to be something tweaked there.
Sej and Ashe are enemies of the same ilk. It would stand to reason they would be evenly matched.

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Smited Your Mom

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I don't understand

how are you people testing it when her rework isn't up? You gotta wonder if some people are actually paying attention, or if they're just making delayed comments.

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Probably their thoughts they didn't get around to posting when she was up.

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all you guys complaining 10% slow is weak, yeah it weak by itself but you guys were looking at it not as a whole...

I think the major issue that people had was that her passive did NOTHING for her jungling.

Nasus has lifesteal, Jax has AS/Stun, Pantheon has blocking/Stun, Xin has sustain/Lift, Jarvan has a shield/armor/AS/powerhouse AA, etc. All of those champs (and many more) were meant to be top laners and still have a passive/PASSIVES that assist with jungling.

Sej, a champ that only has jungling as her niche (yeah, you can lane/sup with her, let's see how far that gets you) has no sustain at all. The only nice thing about it was the 50% damage increase on the big creep, but that is part of the ability rather than part of the passive.

Not to say I like the new sej at all (HATE IT). IMO, her passive should've simply changed to every X attacks, the boar takes a bite out of the enemy on the next AA, restoring X health. Then, the frost passive should've been moved to Permaforst. It would slow down her lvl 1 clear speed (due to not having frost for w damage), but increase her sustain overall. It would also force her to wait till lvl 3 to gank, and later ganking is what riot wanted all along with this season, right????
Everything else staying the same, with a small amount of sustain added that won't impact her strength overall. Seems fine to me.