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Scared of Solo Queue

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So I started playing solo queue towards the end of Season 2 and I got up to ~1400 ELO. Back then I wouldn't ever fill, I'd just play Jayce and nothing but him. After the new League system came out, I was put in Silver Divison 3 and I was able to get up to my promotion series 4 times but I was unsuccessful at advancing.

I decided to take a break from solo queue for a bit and just play normal draft/blind. When I returned to solo queue I just felt nervous playing games and I would choke and make mistakes. I was recently demoted to Silver IV and lost the remaining points I had, so I am now sitting in Silver IV at 0 points facing another demotion.

I don't know how to overcome the fear of solo queue that I have, I know I can't win games like this. I always prefer a solo lane and if I am unable to get it then I like to jungle rather than support or ADC since they are my weakest roles. I am always scared in the lobby that I will get stuck with a role that I can't excel with. It is easy enough to say "talk to you team, tell them you'd prefer a solo lane" but communication between the teams that I get is normally very minimal in my division (from what I've experienced).

I have talked to some higher tier players about this issue and they told me that I should try to get the lane that I want since I am more comfortable with it. I agree with this 100% its just the fear of playing a role I'm uncomfortable with and potentially losing or getting demoted. How can I overcome this? I feel fine playing draft and blind normals but I choke in ranked...

Sorry for the long post! Thank you for reading

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Try your best to communicate.
Embrace losing; pros lose all the time.
Don't worry if you fall a division, you move up and down. Just think of it as more opportunities to practice.

I share your trepidation about ranked games but the only real thing to do is to cast off all fears of losing and just focus on the things you can control: strive to CS, ward, watch map, make calls, lane and baron-dance a little better every game.

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Whether it was SC2, Halo, Fighting Games, LoL,... you name it,... I've played a ton of ladder, and I can remember the days when I too had hesitations/comfort issues when playing ranked. One tip I have is setting a schedule for yourself. Schedule a 2 hour or so block of time everyday at the same time, where you promise yourself to play on the ladder. With repetition and familiarity comes comfort.

Regarding roles you are not comfortable in. Try to get your preferred role, but if you do not,... don't fret! Focus on universal strengths that a player may have regardless of their position. Leadership! Smart play/positioning, map awareness, teamwork and communication! There is so much room for personal growth regardless of the mechanics and position involved. Consider how much you could bring to your team if you weren't responsible for a champ, and rather you were just an observer who could communicate. I'd bet you'd be your teams biggest asset as a leader. =)

Lastly, a little known fact about League Ranked games: Ranked AND Normal games both run off the same backbone, which is a hidden mmr (match making rating) or hidden elo. What does this mean? Well you know all those normal games where you were comfy and happily playing whatever role you fancied at the time? Well they're actually no different from ranked games! Focus on ensuring that you don't get stage fright or some other mental block. Its all in your head. =)