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Champion rework: Sejuani, the Winter's Wrath

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waiting and waiting......

three weeks already, and I'm assuming we will wait at least one more week?
and not long ago just announced new TPA skins, which i don't believe will release soon.

great job riot

At least Riot isn't making us wait a year and a half for them, unlike Bethesda and Sony for the TES:5 dlc.

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Junior Member


Sejuani has lost her spot as my main/ favorite character to play.
REALLY not a fan of the rework.

She feels so much slower and clunkier now.
I wish her Q had longer range still, IDGAF about the knock-up.

Her W just feels AWFUL.
WHY do you have to land an AA to activate it?
WHY does the flail spin so slowly and look so clunky?

I don't care about balance, I know numbers can be tweaked.
It's the clunky, sluggishness of her new kit that I despise.

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They took away Bristle's nose ring Q.Q

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They took away Bristle's nose ring Q.Q

Ugh, for the last time thats not Bristle! It's Gragas in cougar form.

Imo they didn't take away Bristle's nose ring, they took away his pig.

...traditional Sejuani they took his tail.

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So having gotten a chance to play the new sejuani my opinion remains much the same.

I don't really see the reason she needed to be redone but the rework hasn't really hurt her. The knock-up seems to be very useful and actually make her charge much better at stopping fleeing/channelling/etc. opponents. I miss the passive slow from frost and her new passive only seems useful in the early game, jungling or laning. Though it scales differently flail of the northern winds still ends up being about the same strength as before only with a burst at the begining and the fact that it now spreads frost is cancelled out by the fact it no longer gets more powerful because of it. And finally though her ult now requires more skill to use it is more useful if you know what you are doing.

However I was kind of deppressed by the fact that her 'traditional' skin looks nothing like she originally did. And while i didn't really expect any of the lore to change it would still be nice to know where the h*** she got her giant f***ing boar from.