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Journey Into The Freljord V: The Ice Witch

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Fa Mulan

Junior Member


Not entirely sure what you are asking, because you worded the question extremely poorly, but:

Freljord was in complete chaos for a while between the legendary last set of sisters, and the current ones. Ashe showed up a little while ago, as the first of the sisters, and started unification to a reasonable extent, including joining the League to get influence and marrying Tryndamere to get a decent show of force going. Then Sej showed up, and she has been gathering dissident forces within the Frejlord to form a civil war between her and Ashe. Demacia sent Quinn to check out whether Sej/allies are forming a significant enough threat to Ashe, who is allied with Demacia, such that Demacia should send troops to support her. Ashe might be perfectly fine on her own, and a show of force would only prevent Demacia from being more effective elsewhere. Of course, between the Troll King, Sejuani, and the Ice Witch (who may or may not be Lissandra), it seems probably at this point that Ashe does in fact need help in an upcoming battle, which may or may not be the source of the Howling Abyss upgrade to the proving grounds. The whole point of this journey up to here has been to give Sej and Trundle remakes, and to introduce Lissandra, presumably the Ice Witch, as the next champion. There may well be more that happens- I wouldn't be surprised if Anivia and Volibear at least get dragged in, if not Nunu and co.

Wait so Ashe married Tryndamere? Where was this!? D:

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Riven on Top

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Wait so Ashe married Tryndamere? Where was this!? D:

^Wait whut

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Samuel L Jaxx

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Quinn and Valor:

She slowed and hesitated when she came near my hiding place. Did she see me? I can’t be certain. She finally turned away and disappeared into the night. The shadows in the ice vanished with her. Did she spare me?

Val is safe. He had circled above the whole time. Part of me thinks he would’ve fought to the death instead of taking the report back to Demacia (stubborn bird).

My hands are still shaking as I write this, and it isn’t from the cold. The Ice Witch is more than a story to scare children. I’ve seen enough here, and once we’re farther south I’ll write up my final report. It’s time to go home.


Lissandra. Blind.



Who knew?