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New Field of Justice Idea: Icathian Rift

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Not sure if this is the right place for a field idea rather than a champ idea but I thought I'd get something out of my brain.

An enormous mystic portal has been opened and hundreds of void creatures are pouring through! Kill them all!


A rift leading into the entropic realm of the void has opened within Icathia!

The League's summoners have just barely managed to contain the threat, and have set to work creating a series of defensive pylons, pillars, and fortifications surrounding the rift in order to allow defenders to better contain the attackers.

In order to spur the various nations to contribute to the defense of Valoran as a whole rather than merely fortifying their own city-states, the League offers great rewards to whichever group that can wade through the tide of voidborn horrors and close the rift! At least that was the idea, instead the various factions of Valoran have taken to fighting each other even as the voidborn menace claws at their doorstep...


Each team of champs starts at opposite ends of the map as usual and the goal, a cluster of towers surrounding a big purple portal, is at the middle of the circular arena.

You win if your team is the one to fight their way through the waves of void-mobs and close the rift (a mechanic similar to claiming a turret in dominion), but at the same time, you can make your way around the arena to murder the other side's champions and make it harder for them to reach the rift.

The waves of void-mobs consist largely of creatures similar to the melee, ranged, and siege minions, but every few waves a large 'champion' style void creature that gives extra gold if slain.

What do you think?