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Chubz the shield of justice would be a champ that uses purely defense in the form that "the best defense beats the best offense' i woulod just like to see it happen cause there really is no champ that just uses defensive moves that could out wit the offensive players although i do have an idea for the ultimate move it would be called Dead Lock where the champ would lock his shields either grabbing hold of an enemy thats close enough and hitting them with damage per sec for about 3secs and also while getting hit he has a better def or if he doesnt grab hold of an enemy champ he locks the shields together creating what would seem a moving wall that instead of player abilities going through you when targeted to another player they would hit the wall and damage you. Thank you this is my idea and i hope you get back to me for i would really enjoy playing a purely defensive character that could match some of the offensive characters. also he would look like a regular everyday soldier with what would look like a giant shield split directly in two so that the two pieces can be connected again with his ultimate move .