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I don't understand, any tip ? (elise)

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I'm currently ''stuck'' in bronze 3-4 but do very well nearly every game. For example with elise top, I average 8-4-7 (http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/37343390) and I seem to be losing on average even though I do well. I'm also often the one with the largest cs in the game.

So there's two options imo

1- I do somehow bad in late game 5v5 fights

2- Im just unlucky and my teamates are terrible

Anyway, do you have any tip regarding elise late game ? Or elise in general.

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POW Head Shot



Tanky. Elise has % based damage so you don't need much if any damage items.

Rapel to the arc and whipe them out then to apc or support then clean up

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As said, Elise top is basically an AP Bruiser of sorts, but with some actual range. Maybe what is happening is that you are too squishy so your team winds up not having enough tankage to survive.
Because you are squishy, you are cowardly and don't help much.

Elise does have prety good AP scaling towards the lategame as enemy health increases. Her Q does 8% of their current dmg.
Vs a 500 HP foe, its a lousy 40 dmg added.
Vs a 3k foe, its 240 dmg added.

100 AP adds 6% scaling, which as you can see is only worth 30 dmg vs a 500HP foe, and worth 180 vs a 3k foe.

In other words, Rushing AP early is a TERRIBLE idea because it does very little extra dmg (0.3 AP ratio effectively...and thats best case).
However by endgame, a Q vs max health tank effectively has a HUGE AP ratio of 1.8+.

Since she has a Spiderform and decent cooldowns, you want to be TANKY, with lots of Magic Penetration. It is better to boost the damage SHE ALREADY HAS in her base values, vs getting tons of AP to add extra damage.
She doesnt really need CDR so much because she uses her Q,W,E in human form, then goes to Spider form and uses Q,W and autoattacks, uses Q a 2nd timne, then back to human form to Q,W,E again.

Hence, a typical build will look like so:

* Sorc Shoes - obvious, but NEVER get zerker greaves or anything else.

* Haunted Guise - boosts tankiness a bit, a little AP, but the biggie here is the PENETRATION.

* Liandrys - Great endgame upgrade. I would NOT rush it though. It adds percentage dmg too, so its better for later on.

* Rylais - adds tankiness, some good AP, and snare effect which is awesome for spiderform. Start with GIANT BELT early for more tankiness, upgrade it later.
Ultra Combo with Liandrys since it doubles the Burn.

* Abyssal Scepter - a good possibility if you need MR lategame. Or need a negatron earlier and can upgrade to this later. Even more MPen which is awesome, and more AP which is good endgame.
*Void Staff - if they stack MR which is unlikely.

Defensive Items to consider:

* Sunfire Cape - good general purpose defense. Adds armor, health, and burn effect is useful.

* Warmog - big chunk of health. You have Guise/Rylais for health already however, so you probably want armor/MR.

* Locket - similar to sunfire. Armor and Health. More team friendly with shield but no burn effect.

* Frozen Heart is interesting. Tons of armor and hoses autoattacker. Possible option if enemy has strong autoattacker who is getting fed AND your support/jungler wont do it. CDR is a bit suboptimal though.

* Iceborn - great snare effect! More mage-oriented with good chunk of armor. Not real efficient tho.

* Hourglass - good offensive, defensive option. In general you already have Rappel to have a stasis effect as needed. And you are one of the toughest players so dont really want to discourage them attacking you.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Elise does very well in the laning phase, but has less impact during team fights.

So if you're going to keep playing her, you need to carry hard with her. Destroy the enemy top lane and make their jungler camp you. This will give a huge advantage to your other lanes and let them get ahead so you win team fights late game (also lets your jungler pick up some free dragons). My two cents, take it or leave it.