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Mac Client Installation Query [Recommendation]

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This is not a fatal error, or anything that permanently disables the client or disrupts the actual game-play, so don't worry too much:

This afternoon I decided to download the LoL Mac client, since I have a partitioned hard-drive on my computer and had been playing on the Windows side. Something that I've noticed is that towards the end of the installation, the time remaining will jump up to absurdly high values, and the bandwidth put to use becomes tiny. I am guessing that this problem is associated with addressing pieces of data (like AkaliSkinAP_guaobj or whatever it was called) to its appropriate home in the LoL Library files. I just wanted to bring this issue to your attention on the off-chance that it hadn't been explained to you in this way before, and I wish you all the best of luck in bringing League to the world of Apple machines!

Thanks so much,