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Ragnarok the first one and Sovereign the invincible the king(s) of the void

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hi my name is ImNotaBeast and I'm here today to tell YOU(GD) about my champion who is the king of the void. Before we get started I didn't do so hot in English class so please don't rage at me for my bad grammar, and now with out further ado here he is.(he is still a work in progress and im not to swell with #'s so if something looks "off" please add your 2 cents in )
Passive:We Are Many-When Sovereign uses a basic attack, Ragnarok will leave a mark that deals true damage over time(9s)(kind of op yesh i know this). True damage per 3 lvls 18,28,30,48,58,90. True damage does not stack (except in the case of his abilities) and the same target cannot be marked again until 15s after the first mark expires.

Q:I Was First:Sovereign becomes immobile and silenced for 2s after which he gains 50 range on his next basic attack and Ragnarok will mark the target twice stacking the true damage after dealing an initial 50,70,90,110,130 +.5 Ad and .5Ap damage.
Mana cost per level 70, then 85 at all other levels.

W:We Consume all:Ragnarok leaves Sovereign to attach to a target(a line skill shot cannot hit minions but can hit monsters) granting vision of the target for 10s dealing 20,40,60,70,85+.3Ap damage over time for the duration. If the target has not been marked(by his passive or his Q) then Sovereign can teleport to the target and Ragnarok will mark the target twice dealing true d.o.t for the duration of the spell.
Mana cost 50,60 then 79 at all other levels
Cooldowns:10s at all levels

E:There is no Escape:Sovereign releases his leg tentacles to up to 2 targets dealing no damage but stunning and marking the target.
Stun duration: .5,1,1.5,2,2.75s
Mana cost:90 at all levels

R:We Are King: Sovereign forces Ragnarok back into his eye socket granting him 30,80,130 bonus Ad making them untargetable for 3,4,6 sec(by spells only) but also silencing himself and giving him 25% move speed and 1%atk speed increase for each 1% of mana he is missing.
Mana cost:15%,25%,30% of max mana
LORE(still working on it and I know its a bit long as he kind of involves a lil imagination)

The void, a place where you'd think chaos would reign supreme, and a place where even the most hideous and foul creatures are sometimes scared to call there home. Ah, but there is one,the Sovereign or the Father of the void. Most void creatures referred to him as King.The Higher-ups of the Runeterrans where in search of a power far beyond what they were able to comprehend. The Great Void Rift(where Runeterrans where some how able to weaken the dimensional rift between them and the void for them to steal a piece of the Great General Cho'Gath, cause the "phreak(hehe)" accidents to happen to kassadin and malzahar, and release kings beloved pet Kog'Maw).

This left Sovereign furious and he wanted revenge for all his stolen children, he attempted to get malzahar to open the gate but he was alas unsuccessful. One day he attempted to open the rift himself this came with a tragic accident as well his left eye separated and became its own powerful and angry entity(and stealing some of Sovereigns power) calling itself Ragnarok(although he was able to send his greatest assassin Kha'Zix he did not foresee him becoming addicted to his greatest prey ever). Sovereign has grown to enjoy his new counterpart for they see...eye to eye so to speak.

They have both become restless and now Sovereign and Ragnarok feel as if they need to take matters into there own hands to get their children back. As they cannot truly wage a war against the Runeterrans without there great general(Cho'Gath)The kings of all things void have decided to join the league until they themselves can figure a way to get back into the void until then they shall slaughter everything non-void just for the hell of it.

"the very ground king walks on you insects should feel blessed enough to kiss it"-Cho'Gath
So yeh thats my champ er concept GD My art sucks but i realize how difficult it can be to just imagine what a champ may look but he has floating left eye, a diamond shaped mouth with vicious teeth, his arms are long and he has large spikes protruding from his shoulders his hands are large 3 fingers with pointy claws, his upper body is somewhat hummanoid with abs like varus or that of vin diesel mix with the rock in the chest area, and he has many many many tentacles for his legs i'll upload my art sometime in the future if this thread even becomes popular. And if you guys want to Add in your own art concepts please be my guest and do so.
health:450(+90) 2070 at 18
hp regen:6(+.75) 19.5 at 18
mana:360(+50) 1260 at 18
mana regen:7.1(+.72)20.6 at 18
attack dmg: 50.22(+3.1)106.02 at 18
attack spd: .625(+2.6%)
armor: 18(+2.4)61.2 at 18
magic resist: 30
move spd: 325

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the Zetorian



well this is akward, i really like the champion. great idea, honestly i think he would be a bit underpowered with all the self silence, but im not great at that kind of stuff
now for the akward part, a few weeks ago i made a champ that was also the "creator" of the void, though not the king, if you want to take a look its right here

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Ragnarok is from something else though i cant put my finger on it now....

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Ragnarok is from something else though i cant put my finger on it now....

my friend Ragnarok is a battle of the Gods in which they where destroyed by the ultimate evil