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I don't understand what I am doing wrong.

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Junior Member


Ok. Thank you so much for replying first of all. So basically what you guys are saying is stop focusing on my KDA and start focusing on taking and protecting objectives? Also, I know my runes are bad but I have been working on them for awhile now and am still not done with them. If so, I will start practicing these things in Draft then every once in a while try my luck in Ranked.

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Tyrion Fordring



Not really.

To the actual issue, the issue is exactly what you said. You have 200 wins. I didn't know how to play well at 200 wins. It's just the fact that you're more likely than not, still figuring out how to play.

I think it depends on the player. I didn't think I was ready until just this weekend and I have 1000+ wins. And the jump from draft to ranked is a big one, the play is better, quicker, and less forgiving. Thankfully (so far) the players are also less likely to give you abuse for little mistakes.

I say go for it, and stay inside your comfort zone. Have at least one champ you're comfortable with in each role, and try to expand that to multiple champs eventually to take advantage of potential mismatches.

One of the best things about waiting longer to play is that you probably have a big selection of champs to choose from by then which helps the whole team. I have several champs I bought but never play, just for trading purposes.