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Building Wukong and Wukong early game?

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Hey all!

Alex3465 here.

So, I've been figuring out what's good for Wukong, what's not, etc. and I was hoping I could show what I've been building, to see if this is good or not .

So early game, I get boots 3 or cloth 5 depending on the lane.

My boots I'll turn into a Tabi or Merc Treads.

If I feel like I'm dominating, or am doing well, I get a Brutalizer first back.
If I'm having a bit of trouble, a Phage.
If I am being absolutely dominated, I go for a Wriggles.

After that, I try to pick up a Brutalizer if I didn't get it first.

Now, this is where things get a bit more tricky.

Depending on the situation, I build these items based on what I need.

For damage, I almost always build a Black Cleaver, as I really like how it goes with my ult.

For armor, my go to item is Randuins, as it also goes well with my ult. However if I need to do some major peeling, I go for a Frozen Heart.

If for whatever reason I need strong wave clear, I build a Sunfire, usually with a Hydra as well.

If I'm already tanky, I go for an Atma's.

For MR, I get a Hexdrinker to Maw if I need to watch for a burst, or get Murcurial if I'm having trouble with debuffs. (An example being getting binded during an ult.)

Usually, I build my Phage into a Frozen Mallet, or, if I'm rich, a Trinity Force.

Occasionally, I get a Guardian Angel, but the game is usually over at this point.

(I have most trouble with early game by the way, so I'm more concerned about my early game building.)

So what do you think?

Another question is how my early game should be. Wukong has a very weak late game, so I've been wondering if I've been playing too passive, or just right. I've been hitting around 100 cs at 20 min. Is this normal, or is my last hitting poor?

Thanks for reading through this!



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Bumped :P

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I actually main wukong right now and although I don't consider myself to be that great, I may have some tips.
Around 100 cs at 20 minutes is pretty good especially considering how much you can get bullied early game. I'd honestly disagree with your statement on him being weak lategame though. With one of the highest AD scaling ults in the game, and having it knockup, not to mention with black cleaver and your Q, you're basically dealing true damage. also reducing the armor on the entire enemy team so you're adc should be able to mop up.

I also rush black cleaver cause it's amazing for wukong (the afformentioned true damage). depending on how the lane is going I'll either build warmogs or sunfire. after that I'll usually grab sheen and vamp sceptor. if i need the burst, i'll upgrade into trinity, if i need sustain or waveclear i'll finish hydra.

I dont honestly build a whole lot of MR other than merc treads and maybe guardian angel unless I really have to, in which case I just get banshees veil.

I'm not perfect, but thats what works for me. if anybody else has ideas I'd love to hear them, I like tips too