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Champ Idea Areku-The Forgotten Warrior

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Areku The Forgotten-Warrior

Attack Damage
Ability Power

Damage 55.8 +3.2 per level
Health 428 +85 per level
Energy Areku has 100 energy points total that must be charged
Movement speed 350
Armor 16 +3.7 per level
Spell block 30 +1.25 per level
Health Regen 1.5(per second) + .375 per level
Energy Regen Areku has 100 energy points total that must be charged

(keep in mind that these could be changed anyway
this is just my idea of them)

Basic Attacks restore 10 energy and energy charges 10 per

A blast of energy that consumes 25/25/25/25/20 energy
points and deals 80/90/100/110/125 damage and slowing
the target by 15/20/25/30/35% for .5/.75/.75/.75/1 seconds
cool down 5/4.5/3/3.75/3.5 seconds
damage scaled 45% ad 65% ap

PassiveGain 5/7.5/10/12.5/15/15% movement speed
ActiveGain an extra 15/20/25/30/35% movement
speed for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds, costs 5/10/15/17.5/20 energy
cool down 18/16/14/12/10 seconds

-EFocused Energy Beam(lock on)
A focused beam of energy that consumes 35/35/30/30/25
energy points and deals 100/115/130/130/140 damage
cool down 10/9/8/7/6 seconds
damage scaled 25% Ad, 100% Ap

-R Rage Released
Instantly gains half energy and for a short amount of time increase attack
damage,movement speed, and ability power,
if the champion gets a kill while Rage Released is
active all cool downs reset, If the champion gets an
assist while Rage Released is active cool downs lose half their


Long ago in Runeterra, even before the time of the crystalline Brackern, on a far away island away from Valoran lived an isolated powerful race of humanoids known as the Navitas. This is where Areku was born. Areku was always a powerful boy even for his kind, his raw power showed even as a baby. Unlike any other people, creature or monster the Navitas mastered a magic that instead of mana used chargeable energy know as Ki. As Areku grew up his power was unbelievable and was taught to hone his power to defend his people from an approaching threat that could destroy their home. This threat was a portal slowly widening that linked the island to the void.When smaller creatures that could fit through the portal finally came on to the island and attacked, the Navitas decided it was time to do something.
Areku and a few strong fighters were to take a boat to explore and find a place were the people could escape the wraith of the void, the fighters left immediately determined to save their people.The voyage was a disaster, the boats built for the shallows around the island was no match to the tropical storms in the ocean, one fatal storm was there last. As the ship broke in half and was washed away the passengers were killed almost immediately, that is except Areku, when he felt death creeping up on him suddenly all his power was released in one blast surrounding him in a energy ball that froze the water around him.

After drifting in the ocean for hundreds of years in a frozen ball of ice he finally landed on a shore in Valoran where the ball suddenly exploded sensing it was free of the watery prison releasing Areku. He knew what had happened and he mourned for his lost crewmates and he knew that he had failed and by now the island was over run, his people gone. He wandered for a short while,amazed by Valoran and its inhabitants until he found the League of Legends where he found a new purpose, destroying the void creatures that had destroyed his home.

I will destroy the Void

Character Looks/personality:
-On his face and arms Areku has scars with a red-ish glow to them
-his cloths are just plain cloths with light armor (very dark red) over them
-While Rage Released is activated his scars glow more brightly and his eyes grow red
-His voice has a echo to it almost like hes possesed
-When Rage Released is activated Areku screams "MY PEOPLE WILL BE AVENGED" and is shortly surrounded by an energy blast (no affect just for looks)
-Some things he says is "loneliness and despair fill me" "the nightmare creatures of the void must be crushed before they consume this world"
-he runs doesn't float/fly except while swiftness is activated
-he has kind of a sad/depressed feel to him like Riven

OK well, this is my idea sorry about no pictures, please like this and comment so
riot can see this and perhaps implement my idea,Thank you!

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It need more information more detail. Like what motion will he be doing when using those skills, what about quotes? personality? Looks? I know this is for Dragon ball Z and stuff, but you can't...make a character like that.
For example, Shaco is said to be based on the Joker, but they didn't copy Joke's skills or anything, not even looks, he just has the smile and clown/jester look. So this is more like copying, add in some things from your hand, make the skills more creative more need more interesting, and for the looks dont just make them look like Dragon ball Z looks, make it up, use your creativilty.

Use Saiyan as a inspiration, a helping thing, a base to brank off from and use your OWN ideas. Would be better and more unique for the champion than using the same thing.

It's a good base, but work a bit on it more. Great place to start though.

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The passive with standing still to gain energy will probaly not work very well. If you are in a team fight, you will not be able to use your abilitys, and will not contribute much to the fight.