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Nerf Veigar...

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Before downvoting some noobs should go and play veigar more. try this build.

Archangel Staff+deathfire grasp = GG

You dont need more than that. Even if you manage to stack MR like crazy Veigar can burst the sick damage of 1600 only with his skills. That Without using Deathfire grasp. I managed to kill a fed Morde that has mostly MR in one burst. Veigar Stun is what makes him powerfull not his Damage. He can AOE stun every 15 sec or less with good runes and CDR items. Is like Amumu's ult every 15 sec how crazy is that?!?!? You dont even have to be near danger to stun.

archangel is totally finished at about 45 minutes of the game, whereas games usually don't take that long. Also archangel itself is not that powerful; it is while having zhonya so in the end you don't have many or one defensive item.

I used to play a lot with veigar and that actually matters because almost no one plays with veigar, not elementz (1 ranked match), not riot staff in charge of balancing the game (actually not even veigar himself, lol), etc.
You can find the list of players if you google it but in the end there are almost no notorious veigar player besides slygoat, and even him doesn't play with veigar anymore.

The thing with veigar is that he is a very high risk taker hero. He is beyond terrible in early game, being most probably the single worst hero of the game at that point and that's way you won't see a single veigar in any tournament whatsoever. If you manage to survive, to own mid game, the game lasts a lot and also they have at least 2 ap squishes then veigar owns. That happens at about 5% or less of the time (w/l ratio of lolbase.net but it's not updated), but when it happens it's awesome.
Also annie fits his role way better in every single aspect (aoe, tibbers, pushing, her E ability, mana, etc), including nuking by far and also being viable in late game if played properly. You can google those numbers as well.

ofc I won't post here how to counter veigar in game whatever the champion you are using (because yesterday I played with him. I didn't in months but :3 veigar forever) but it's kind of obvious from what I posted.

edit: also you have negative elo in both solo queue and 5 man premade queue. So long "before downvoting noobs"

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Probably ppls rly dony realise how powerfull Veigar is right now... but this is good for me , i can longer abuse his power .