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Queue/champ select issues in all games?

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Anyone else noticing the critical levels of broken the LoL client is experiencing right now?

Late last night, it took me and a few friends 30 minutes to successfully get into a normal 5v5, because there was, without fail, at least 1-2 people each re-queue that didn't actually get queued on their end, just the server's.

This also happened later, but this time, it was members of my own premade group that every time a match was found, the notification didn't show for them and they remained in queue limbo. Happened to myself as well.

Now I just tried to start an aram with someone, but it was impossible to get past champion selection because the game would bug every time. The timer ran out, the "game starting" noise happened, then nothing.

Seriously dafuq is going on? Riot makes some somewhat major changes, adds Zac, then EVERYTHING seems broken. Zac bundles not showing as actually purchased. Impossible to join games. Get it together Riot, don't put out content if it's not done in a manner that doesn't break the whole game.