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Forming a MLP Team - Looking for Gold+ Players

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MLY Carbonide



iGN:iO Jrem
League+Division:Plat s2 Gold V currentely
Top Three Champions:For mid ~ Orianna, Ryze, cassiopia ~ For support ~ Lulu, Zyra, Thresh
Microphone and Skype (Yes/No):Yes
Availability:Anytime after 330pm est - weekends whenever
MLP: FiM is best show (Yes/No):i'd have to argue.
Favorite Pony: Petite Ponies

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Ceres the White

Senior Member


IGN: Ceres the White
League+Division: gold 5
Role(s): Top
Top Three Champions: renekton, lee sin, kennen
Microphone and Skype (Yes/No): yes
Availability: 3-8 pm est
MLP: FiM is best show (Yes/No): oh sure
Favorite Pony: fluttershy