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[Guide] Master Yi, Late Game Insurance

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Master Yi the Late Game Insurance

I'm not going into the details of every skill and attacks. Check out ianderson's guide (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=12758)for that information.

What I will tell you is the item build and strategy to get to a late game Yi really early.


21 in offense. Take a look at ianderson's guide. The other nine points are up to you.

Summoner Spells

I take exhaust and teleport. The recent change in cleanse may make me take it over teleport, but blind pick never shows you what you're up against. Teleport is generally better because you will be buying early on really fast.


Everything Furor - Increased Critical Damage will show its potential with this build.


Take Alpha Strike, then Wuju Style. When you feel like you're ready to jungle (look below to know when), start choosing Wuju Style first. Of course, take Highlander whenever possible.

Item Build and Strategy

Now here's where it works. To get all the goodies right away, you need the money. The best item to get for Yi are the avarice blades. Get them as soon as possible to start getting as much money as you can, and they are extremely effective items for their crit. Here's the exact way I go.

400g Brawler's Glove - When you get 350, immediately go back at the best opportunity.
350g Avarice Blade - Wait til you have enough for another one and not just the glove.
750g Avarice Blade - At this point I wait a bit longer so I can snag a boot as well.

1100g Avarice Blade + Boot - You can Alpha Strike those ghost, wolves, and the two golem, but I wouldn't suggest doing the bigger guys just yet. Now, I make enough money to get Beserker Greaves and a Vampiric Scepter.

1020g Beserker Greaves + Vampiric Scepter - Now the fun begins. You can take down the lizard and the golem for buffs. Go around and jungle as much as you can or take on empty lanes.

1850g B.F. Sword - You get your sword, and you can solo the dragon easily. I didn't suggest it before getting this because there is a bit of risk if you don't have enough attack. At this point, you might be able to beat a jungle warwick that is stacking mandred's razor to the dragon, so always kill the dragon when it is up.

900g Bloodthirster

Now, I will usually go for a B.F. sword and finish it off with the Infinity Edge, but different oppoenents called for different strategies. I usually go for the Infinity Edge anyways for the sixth slot, then start replacing my Avarice Blades.

Here's a list in a sort of priority order:

Infinity Edge - Best Overall Item
Phantom Dancer - Replacing the Avarice Blades critical
Mandred's Bloodrazor - Versus High Health
Last Whisperer - Really good for increasing attack speed AND blowing through high armor targets like tanks
The Black Cleaver - I usually get this versus tanks as well but I'd rather stack attack speed

To sum it all up, Yi is insurance to win the game at the end. If people are whining about you jungling and forgetting your lane, focus on getting money. Jungling or easy kills, it's up to you which one is less risky. I can die 4 or 5 times risking ganks, but I will still get my items fast enough.

If you follow my guide, you can get all of my basic build + Infinity Edge in 25 to 35 minutes.
You will start killing champions left and right while killing towers at the same time.