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So when is ARAM going to be an official mode ?

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Majin Bl3u

Senior Member


Yep. Cause all the programmers and database admins are busy doing artsy stuff. You heard it here first.

It takes months because they're upgraded the map (so it's actually on-par with the quality of the others), and they have to add and test all the other aspects of adding a queue. It needs to be merged into the UI in a sensible way, and they will need to modify databases to handle the extra data from having ARAM as a normal game mode. And I'm sure prior to all this even getting the green light, they had to do studies to make sure it would be worth the investment of doing it, and make sure that it wasn't going to take away from the other modes. IP gains per game need to be normalized so that ARAM doesn't wind up more efficient than any other game mode for earning IP.

With the way their client is set up, and with them having already added Dominion as a new game mode, you would think they would abstract the whole process. If they really don't have a system for inputing new game modes/maps fleshed out by now I question Riot's integrity as software developers.