Udyr the beast

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Im fairly new at forums, so bear with me. Catch the double entendre there? Udyr? bear with me? Anyway, in the latest patch Udyr got changed up a bit, trying to change the way his stances work and make him less of a threat in laning. While i haven't seen him lane a lot since the patch, i've noticed he's gotten disproportionately strong with his ganks. Now the main concern i had was that he was strong 1v1, like playing renekton at full health and i couldn't 1v1 him strong, i noticed that he was able to crit in his turtle stance, which i think is part of it. Also, if he was ever at a disadvantage it took some fierce CC to come close to catching him. Like wow, one hint at losing the fight and he was just out of there. Just wanted to share my two cents about the new update. Anyone else seeing similar traits? Or have i just run into some serious Udyrs?