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Lol group calling out people who diced.

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Our team was (us)32-7(them) then they said well at least we can make you guys dice. All 5 people on my team diced and none on theirs, those super lucky punks. Just thought id report it though incase similar incidents have been happening. No one on their team diced, my team was unable to reconnect until all of our inner turrets were down then we reconnected as our inhib was half down. Note* no one on the other team diced and they called out us dicing before we did. Note* We were all disabled through what felt like lag for 2 mins and 20 seconds but before we were disable they already started attacking the inner turret (tank and hit round 2 seconds before) and continued so until they won. More than likely their words were met with luck, but just letting the general forums know ^^.