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[Champion Idea] Vivianna, The Dark Descendant

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RoyaI Darkness

Junior Member


The drawing is not colored because I normally mess drawings up when colored, you guys can help decide on colors or the ones who make Champions can think of her colors. Plus, I'm not an artist so it is a pretty bad drawing. :/

I didn't think up any skills either because well I thought I'd leave you all to decide what she should do. ^.^
Please feel free to leave any suggestions or comments, this is my very first suggestion and very first post on the forums so if something was done wrong I'm sorry. D:

Her lore:

Vivianna, The Dark Descendant

Vivianna is very similar to Morgana, she is a fallen angel as well; but her wings were torn off. The war was painful to Vivianna due to fiery destruction that rained on her home. Her family was lost, and while trying to save them her wings were burnt off and the flames being so close to her face blinded her causing her to have no pupils. Her enhanced sense of hearing allows her to move and know where enemies are, like a bat. Although, she could still float in the air without any wings, which gives her a good amount of agility. Knowing there was no time to rest, she quickly thought up plans to defeat the tyrants that weren’t known as “fallen” but couldn’t do it alone. She looked around for more fallen angels but couldn’t seem to find any.

Vivianna, wondering what happened to all of her kind, she was summoned to Valoran just as Morgana was; there she made a pact with all of the summoners that if they made sure to stop all of those who followed Kayle then she would lend them her power in the fields of battle. The descendant came down to fight in the League of Legends with her cousin Morgana, to stop Kayle’s brand of tyranny and will not rest until her goal is achieved.

“There is no way that we can fall to the tyrants who have destroyed my family, they will know the true meaning of pain when I’m through with them.”
-- Vivianna