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Noob Questions

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Feeds Top Lane



Hey guys so if you don't mind listening to a dumb noob, going to tell quick boring story then ask a couple questions.

(if you don't want to read the whole story just skip to the questions section, i just wanted to share my story for the hell of it)

1. So anyway i was playing league and we have a game set up and its loading, both teams seem pretty solid i dont see any major advantages over one another.
Might turn out to be a really gg either way. ( note these matches didn't happen in sequential order, they were all within the same day).THENNNNNN, my client crashed, i tried to reload my client 6 times but the damn thing didn't want to work, i tried to restart my comp twice and when it finally worked the game was already over. ( this was ranked btw so i was pretty pissed)

2. Afterwards im in another loading screen and my internet decideds to crash on me...hooray! I spend an hour trying to get the damn thing to work and it finally does so, down to a whopping 0 LP, but i'm in silver V so no one cares.

3. I try again, refer to number 2.

4. At this point i am really aggrivated but i still want to play League so i go to normals. My team starts feeding horribly, i can't remember exactly but 20 minutes in we were along the lines of 6-17, i wasnt winning my lane but i wasnt losing but at this point im already so po'd that i just rage quit, i come back and get the warning for leaving games that i may be banned.

Let me clarify and say very quickly that i'm not trying to justify losing the LP, **** happens and the rest of my teammates lost LP so i am fine with that. I understand the consequences of rage quitting, and all that so this isn't a QQ thread, just thought i'd share my scenario and ask a couple questions.

1. How do i check my Leaver level
2. How long/many matches do i have to play in a row before my leaverlevel goes down?
3. What are some things i can do to make sure my client doesn't crash while loading
(excluding improvements to my internet, because my provider was just having technical difficulities that night, it's perfectly fine now)

P.S. Yes my computer does suck horribly which is why i'm getting a new one this weekend

P.S.S. Buff Vladimir Late Game plox

P.S.S.S. I like applesauce

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Senior Member


1.) You can't, but you will get an e-mail if you get close

2.) Just play your normal, there isn't a set number

3.) Adobe air has been screwy for everyone lately, not much you can do about it.

P.S.S.) Vladimir is fine

Hope that helps

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Dunkmaster TTGOz




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Senior Member


The leave buster system won't leave you alone for weeks if not months. . .