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Elo boosting in ranked really?

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Riot Wittrock

QA Analyst


How do you know the Platinum didn't just have a really low MMR?

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Dr Cool Whip:
I'm in Silver 4 and getting paired with Platinum 5 players. Yes I know for a fact he was doing a duo que with a Bronze Player but that is ridiculous! How is that not elo boosting? And even if his duo partner is so low we SHOULD NOT be getting paired with him that is just ridiculous. He literally carried the whole game while his Taric friend reaps the benefits. Their adc was 2-3 as an adc W/L, their top was only an 8-5 top W/L, and their jungler was a 1-5 jungler W/L. It is just absurb that Silver players are getting paired with Platinums, Gold is understandable but Platinum really? Riot you seriously need to do something about this..


That's not "elo boosting". That's likely just somebody who is in Plat 5, on 0LP, who cannot drop to gold 1 duo queuing with a silver friend.

"Elo boosting" is playing on somebody else's account for them in order to give them false elo inflation.

The Silver duo queue friend of the Plat guy will win sooooooo little LP for each win.