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How to Get Good

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1. Build a strong foundation
This will help you with any champion and any team, regardless of how the game is going. Somewhat in order of most to least important: know every item/champion, champion control, awareness (both in fights and in lane), positioning (both in fights and in lane), lane/jungle/map control, last hits, mana/energy management

  • Awareness will come with experience. Everything else can be easily practiced. For example, this is seeing Shaco mia while in lane or in a team fight and saving skills or repositioning appropriately.
  • If you know every item/champion, you should rarely be caught off guard by something you don't know. This will allow you to counter correctly. You should also group champions by qualities such as mobility, range, damage, area, etc to quickly adjust your playstyle for any lineup.
  • Champion control is knowing the mechanics of your champion's skills and their capabilities. This will help you make smart decisions and pull off high risk, high benefit tactics.
  • Positioning in lane is mostly keeping within harass range (autoattacks or skills) when you want to and avoiding as much of the enemy's harass otherwise. Positioning in lane is keeping at the right distance for you to best perform your role. While you need to move to maintain positioning, sometimes a good option is to not move at all.
  • Lane control is controlling where the minions fight, as this also forces champions to move along with them and will later affect pushes. Jungle control is how much benefit your team is getting from jungle (extra gold and buffs). Map control is zoning on a large scale and is mostly governed by wards and team presence.

2. Experiment
If the champion you pick is brawn, then your item/skill builds and playstyle is brains. Your champion can be the most broken one in the game and still be messed up by your bad choices. Even small tricks like using attacks to delay your stealth as Eve can surprise the enemy.

Item/Skill Builds
First, you should detail what you want to do at every point in the game. If you want to be a strong ranged carry, you must learn how to itemize for damage and how to position for ranged carries.
Approximate your build for each point in the game and see if it's possible and performs well. If something doesn't work out, you make some changes and test it again. Eventually you should have a build that performs some function consistently and effectively. Of course, make sure you know good alternatives in case your gold is short and you need to gain an advantage. If you build open end items like Null Mantle or Catalyst or buy less often you can adapt more easily.

Start out the same as for item/skill builds.

Think about how the enemy might react to an action (example: using Chogath's Feast to weaken or to kill) and use this to manipulate the enemy's actions. If you can learn, as game goes on, one of your enemy's reactions to certain skills, you can do things like make a fight 4v5 for a short time or make them attack the wrong target.

Think about your timings/targets. You put out actions fastest when you just QWER on the closest target but it may not deal the most damage or weaken the most dangerous enemy. Priorities change by lineup and performance; if that Shen has no damage or defense, then ignore him completely.

Learn the nuances of your skills. This can give you a small advantage over someone who only knows the basics of your skills. For example, Udyr's active effects persist for some time so you should time skill uses; to attack, you might use Turtle, wait, then use Bear and attack. Nunu can Blood Boil minions so you can push a lane faster by using it on a Cannon/Super minion.

3. Get Good
Get good

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Seems to be solid advice. Good job.