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The Price of Brilliance [Lux, Swain]

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Mughi of Ruckus

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Ever have one of those things where you're done working on something, you just want to go over it a time or two to make sure it's free of any errors, and you do that and suddenly see many ways in which its really not done at all? Yeah, that was this chapter for me. After thinking it was done and while giving it its final read through, I felt it was too wonky and/or jarring in a number of places. It was in need, I suddenly realized while wondering why I'd not really giving it enough attention before, of significant fleshing out. Of course, that also meant after I wrote in the new parts I started to worry about whether or not they actually added to the story or just unnecessarily padded it instead of meaningfully fleshed it out. So, tack on another few weeks or so while I spent time away from it, came back to it with fresh eyes, compared, edited and repeated.

This was kind of par for the course for this fic. Things unexpected popping up and making it so much more time than planned. In total, though in large part because of significant life changes that popped up during the writing and kept me too busy to work on it for significant periods of time, this took almost two years to finish. TWO YEARS. I'm very glad to finally have the completed fic up.

I'll be breaking down the story a bit as well as well as the characterizations of some of the champions and how I see them on my tumblr (escritorian) for anyone who's interested over the next week or so.

For those of your wondering, yes, the epilogue is directly connected to Past and Future, my Ahri and Annie fic. These two and one more came to my head together while in the shower one evening as little arcs exploring one or two champions. They were connected the moment I thought of them, but in little ways that are kind of literary shout-outs to each other. They're still made to stand on their own. You may notice, though, my use of the word, "little."

It's fair to say this one got away this one got away with me a bit. Really, Past and Future did to. It was originally supposed to be half its size, but it grew a little in the thinking and a little more in the writing of it until it grew to be about twice the size of what I planned. All of the extra bits felt necessary, though, part of the story's natural flow. The Price of Brilliance did the same, well, more really. Clearly. It was originally supposed to be the same size as Past and Future's original planned size. It was also originally much more summary and insular, explaining less and relying a good deal on the reader already being familiar with all the relevant lore, but I feel like it's better for how it ultimately came out. The heart of it was always going to be the dinner with Swain put together with Lux's last words before the epilogue, and I personally feel it still is. The additions now feel essential in what they represent to me, too, which I think is a good sign.

This one also got away with me in that it was supposed to be self-contained, but ideas for where the story could go next have been growing in my mind all the time I've been working on it. The drive has been helped by some very nice comments left me on The Price of Brilliance, but also, my brain's always working on, looking for and building on stories. That's just how it works. It might come to nothing. The ideas still need a lot of work, but...well...I wouldn't count it out. Some character dialogue has already been written out, some ships have been sunk, others were set sail. We'll see. We'll see.

Either way, next will be a Piltover piece and a Soraka/Cassiopeia piece most likely. Then I'm going to put in some overdue time intp my own, original stories. After that, well, I've done my best to show Lux as I see her presented in her lore, bright and cheery to those around her, sharp and brave to those who need her and lost and empty deep inside but still with an extraordinary brightness and put it all together as a cohesive, plausible character. After doing that, the only thing to do is take the character somewhere. Maybe a lot of somewheres. Valoran's an interesting place, after all.