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Edward, The Anti-Detective (champion name tentative)

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Pistol-wielding ad carry, base range 550

Basic Backstory: Edward is hired by criminals everywhere to come to the scene of any given crime and erase any and all potential incriminating evidence. He leaves a card upon each scene he "erases," and his acts may be linked to the person caitlyn is trying to track down. He always has his left hand in his pocket.

Trump Card is Edwards ultimate and will buff Edward's basic abilities when active, the trump card notes at the end of each spell indicate the buff that each spell recieves

Passive- Identify weakness
Every 3 seconds that an enemy stays within 2000 units of and in sight of Edward they receive a stacking "Weakness identified" debuff (cap 10 stacks) which lasts for 8 seconds. Edward deals 1/2/3 (level 1/8/15) additional damage per stack (cap 10/20/30) with his basic attacks to enemies afflicted with the Weakness identified debuff. Additionally, Edward gains 10% armor penetration against enemies with 10 stacks of Weakness Identified.

Q- Blood Empowered Bullet
After a brief windup, fires a bullet that deals 60/95/130/165/200 (+.7 bonus ad) damage to each target struck, dealing 15% increased damage for each unit it passes through. (caps at 45%)

Trump Card- This Ability can be cast a second time within 3 seconds, and Edward can now move during the wind-up

Range- 1100
Cooldown- 8 seconds.

W- Point blank

Edward strikes his target at a pressure point, stunning the target for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds and applying 2 stacks of Weakness Identified. Afterwards the enemy remains disoriented, being slowed for 60% that dissipates over the same duration.

Trump Card- Applies 4 stacks of Weakness Identified instead, and the target is now stunned 75% of the total cc duration and slowed for 25% of the remaining duration.

Active cast range- 125
Cooldown- 20/17/14/11/8 seconds

E- Taking Aim!

Edward rapidly repositions himself to line up a good shot. He dashes a short distance and roots himself for 2 seconds or until he attacks. His next basic attack deals 40/45/50/55/60% bonus damage and applies two stacks of Weakness Identified on-hit.

Taking Aim! can be cast again while rooted to cancel the aimed shot, but will have a longer cooldown.

Trump Card- Edward will fire two bullets instead of one, dealing multiplicative damage between the ultimate buff and the Taking Aim! Buff, and applying double the Weakness Identified stacks indicated.

Dash range- 400
Cooldown- 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds, 12/11/10/9/8 If canceled.

R-Trump Card

Edward Pulls out a second gun and uses it in his left hand. For the next 9/10/11 seconds, his abilities will have an additional effect, and his auto-attacks will be split into two attacks, each dealing 55/60/65% damage and applying their own on-hit effects. Additionally, he gains access to Perfect Execution.

R-Perfect Execution.

Edward leaps onto the shoulders of a target champion, immobilizing and silencing them for 1 second, and then shoots them at point blank, dealing 100/200/300 (+.75 ad) physical damage + 15/17.5/20% of the target's missing health. this damage is increased by 10% for each stack of weakness Identified on the opponent, up to 100%. Edward leaps towards the location of the cursor after shooting, and if he lands on another enemy champion (think hop mechanics, he casts this spell again.

Cooldown- 80 seconds.


On Champion Select: "I will lie to you."

"So where are we going?"
"Anti-Detective Edward is on the case."
"As long as no one finds out."
"She ain't got nothin' on me." (May be referring to Caitlyn)
"They won't know what hit 'em"
"Is that the truth you want to believe?"
"Time to move."
"Okay." (These two statements are references to Naoto Shirogane's dialogue from Persona 4 Arena, who this champion is inspired by."

"Hit em where it hurts."
"It's all just misdirection."
"Let's talk."
"There's no escape."
"Time to pick up the pieces."
"Playing cleanup again?"
"Watch carefully."

On casting "Taking Aim!"
"Takin' aim!"
"Closing in."
"There we go."

On Casting Trump Card:
"Did ya see this one coming?"
"Surprise! I'm left handed."
"Time for the grand finale."

On Casting Perfect Exection:
"Fare thee well."
"Say hello to my family for me."

If Edward lands on 5 targets using Perfect Execution:
"This is the last one."
"Wait for it..."
"It's the end of the hour."

Taunt (Edward casually points his gun forward, and then fires after a 1.25 second pause)
"Don't blink. Ya might not open your eyes."
"You don't know a thing. And now you never will."
"I'm not lying this time. I'm gonna kill you."
Note: this bullet will actually be a skill shot that has 800 range and will deal 1 true damage to the first target hit. Will not cancel recalls.

Taunting Twisted Fate.
"Fate? Oh please."

Taunting Caitlyn.
"I bet you could make a deck with all the cards I've given you."
"What's my name, Cait? Hah, thought so."

Taunting Vi.
"Fat hands seem pretty easy to slip through."

Joke (Edward pulls out his second gun and starts juggling them, he drops one and it goes off, causing him to jump back and drop the other, making him "dance&quot
"... took me years to perfect thi- Augh!... juuust kidding."
"... Get ready to danc- Augh!... never mind."