Gray loading bar from hell!

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So today I got to open up league, launcher "League of Legends" emblem shows up, but the next window disapears instantly and i was like, huh ok? So I wait 5 minutes and nothing happens, there is no launcher at all, and it usually shows up within a minute.

So I click the L icon on the doc to see if it will change anything, nothing the top bar doesnt even change still says finder, where when you are in ANY program it gives you the program name, and the usual options for the program(file, edit, view...ect)

So I look at the League launcher icon, and I notice a gray bar across the bottom, and its about 3/4ths filled up, but its been a LONG while and this bar is never usually this visible with its loading.

So in short what the hell is happening?

I have an older macbook, but its running all current OSX and maxed out on RAM that apple allows(****ty 4GB), Core 2 duo at 2.4GHz, but the in game isnt the problem, it runs smooth, its just not even opening right now. So what is this gray loading bar? Is it normal? If not how do I fix it?