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Champion Suggestion - Mal the Aged Mage

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Stories are told of a being so tuned to the forces of magic that whole cities were leveled simply by its gaze. Frightening tales of devouring children and puppies were commonplace around the smoldering remains of battlefields. This being that inspired this fear was known as Malex, and twenty thousand years have past.

None remember now why Malex walked off the battlefield not to be seen for millennia, but it is believed that a trickster caused Malex to murder the ones he loved. While magical energy can sustain a body for eons, it eventually begins to deteriorate. During his exile Malex slowly aged, becoming more frail and more forgetful.

Malex emerged from his self-imposed torment as an old man with no memory. He stumbled upon a king's winter hunting lodge and accidentally destroyed it after a young whipper-snapper quipped that he looked leathery. The king decided to enlist this strange old man in the League to fight for his kingdom by tricking Mal into believing he was babysitting his children.


Disapproving Stare (Active) - Mal frowns with such condemnation that his target is stunned for X seconds and takes Y damage. Unless in Remembrance, this ability can only be used after being hit.

Get Off Me Lawn (Active) - Mal gets upset at the youngin's that are trampling his fresh cut grass and shouts at them. Enemies a short distance in front of him take X damage and are knocked back.

Remembrance (Active Toggle) - A moment of clarity comes upon Mal and he recalls the past, causing any abilities used to do X additional damage. His mana regeneration slows greatly, cooldowns are cut in half, and abilities do not have their bonus effect applied.

When I Was Your Age (Ultimate Active) - Mal goes on a tirade about the good old days which greatly frustrates all nearby enemies, doing X damage and adding a Y second cooldown to the next ability used within 10 seconds.

Favored Old Fogey (Passive) - Mal has been infused with magical energy for so long that any champion that kills him will take 10% of his max mana as damage.



Zilean is a very classic, composed wizard. Mal is anything but. The passing millennium have not been kind to him whatsoever and the most tragic of all is that his once brilliant mind has deteriorated.

In essence, he's a mix of Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog and Clint Eastwood's character in Grand Turino (without the racial slurs). So everything you think of when wondering how you'll behave when you are a crotchety old man. However, for his ranged attack, instead of throwing objects or energy at targets, he simply shouts "NO!" at them.


He should be a ranged caster that is overall fairly squishy. The core mechanic centers around the use of Remembrance as the two active skills will be fairly underpowered damage-wise, yet provide decent crowd control. When in Remembrance, he will switch to being a solid DPSer, but since he is a frail old man, he'll run out of gas quickly. If it worked, I see it as a fairly balanced yet active mechanism.