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Anivia Skin Idea

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A new skin for Anivia would be great. Non of her current ones sound all that great and non of them really do anything to the look of her attacks. A skin that I would like to see would be a Molten Anivia. I see a lot of champions with a opposite skin like Cryocore Brand. And I feel like Anivia has a lot of potential for that kind of a skin.

Her abilities could also have a nice new look to them as well. Her Flash Frost could be a molten ball dripping lava as it goes across the screen and could explode into red flares at the end. Her Crystallize would be molten rock forming up out of the ground and have lava dripping off of it instead of the frosty shimmer it has now. Frostbite could just be a reddish brown rock that flies towards her enemies. And Finally her ulit, Glacial Storm, could just be a large ring of lava.

This is just an idea as to I really don't feel like Anivia has really gotten any real creative skins maybe except for Hextech but it really does not look the best on the field. If your look for a frame of mind as to what she would look like just kind of picture Anivia and Moltres from Pokemon combined.

Like I said this is just a rough idea, but I feel like she deserves a new, different looking skin with a new, complete abilities included skin aesthetic overhaul.