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Summoner Icons on forums: Are they possible yet?

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There is a TL;DR at the bottom, but I would appreciate it if you read the whole post

I remember Romulus posting an answer about summoner icons back when law was banned from the forums. However, if you log on to the comic contest where you can vote for your favorite comics, your summoner icon from the client is displayed for all to see. If this is possible now, can we please have summoner icons on the forums?

Edit: Here is the link to the comic contest where you vote http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=3251438

Here is what Romulus had to say about this issue last year.

Soon(TM). I remember before I worked at Riot reading a post from Pendragon saying summoner icons as avatars would be awesome. Thats still the case. The problem is, much of the client data, including summoner icons isn't actively accessed by our website. There is a fairly decent amount of work associated with achieving this. Its really not as easy as HEY ROM FLIP ON THE AVATAR BUTTON. Trust me, it was the first thing I tracked down when I started. Additionally, signatures just probably won't happen. The amount of space they take up compared to the value they add is very imbalanced and we'd rather focus on things like avatars and earnable badges/flare to differentiate players. Something you'll notice is as of late we've been offering more and more summoner icon choices

I'd like to use my Harrowing Spectral Wraith avatar on the forums. Adjudicators, Council Members, etc could choose between their given icon (like larias, guardsmanbob, or panzerfaust) or their summoner icon. Maybe our icons could be a bit smaller to make it easier to see Red posts, but all of us would appreciate it if we could have some form of icons.

Keep discussion about this civil so we can get some Red answers.

Tl;DR- Can we get summoner icons now that Client-Site go between now seems to be possible with the comic contest voting forums? I would love an answer from Romulus now or from another Red who knew something about this.

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For a start, i think we should be aloud to choose a champion as a forum icon, because people will post some weird stuff as their summoner icons, i think for now the in-game and champion icons should be able to choose from our profiles