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Fiddlesticks' ult

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I think Fiddle's ult is SEVERLY underpowered.

I mean, the damage, effects, and even blink is good. I'm okay with the charge time. But If he gets
Knocked up

or so much as poked in the eye while he's charging, his ult goes on CD and you have to wait the 2-3 minutes again to crowstorm. If you're playing against a team where all members of their team have one of these (let's do something standard; Jarvan jungle, Shen top, Ahri mid, Sona and Vayne bot), you basically don't have an ult, save if you manage to pop out of a bush and catch them unawares. But fiddle's usually a mid or jungle; (I personally play him top) it feels like this kind of forces him into the jungle role to get the best use of his ult.. if they're in range.

Meanwhile, stun Pantheon while he's ulting, and he gets it off CD in ten seconds. Why does Pantheon get an awesome AOE ult that teleports him to specified location on the map and cools down if someone messes him up while using it, but fiddle's pitiful flash-range (although damaging) ult is punished severely for even considering using it against anything that has basically any form of cc other than a slow?

It's not a HUGE buff I'm asking for on Fiddlesticks; I just think it would be more balanced this way. I would consider it more of a fix than anything.

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Fiddle isn't supposed to ult where your enemy can actually see you. You're supposed to yell "SURPRISE PARTY!" while ulting out of a bush or over a wall.