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@Riot About Gladiator Draven Animations

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Reposted from GD so maybe a red will see this.

I think that the animations are very lackluster right now, the ult looks awesome, but the Spinning Axe just looks like someone painted it neon-orange, the Blood Rush is basicly the same and the Stand Aside has nothing really noticeable.

Spinning Axe:
Right now the blades look different than in his classic skin but when activated they look kind of like someone just painted them neon-orange.

Suggestion: Make them burst into flame like his ult's axe's, or something similar right now it looks terrible.

Blood Rush:
The runes/writing on his body lighting up is pretty cool but i think other effects can be added, because it looks fairly plain right now.

Suggestion: Why not give him a burst of flame around his feet to signify the MS boost? and also if his spinning axe is activated or in the air when he activates Blood Rush, make the axe have a short burst of flame, kind of like when alcohol is added to a small fire.

Stand Aside:
the animation is quite quick and the small "ghost" images of his blades still look like they are just painted neon-orange.

Suggestion: like with blood rush have the theme of flaming blades more clear, and when it hits a target have a larger burst of flame where it hits the target.

Whirling Death:
Looks amazing dont have much to complain about.

Heres a video link with a preview ReignOfGaming did:


tl:dr theres not much to read so read it you lazy bums

Also these are my personal feelings feel free to disagree, but please explain why you disagree.

P.S what happened to the releases of skins at 50% off like Sultan Tryndamere?

^just seeing if you have an opinion on this :P

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Nobody has an opinion on this?