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[GAME][MAJOR] Heimer not storing turrets

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Huge Deuce

Senior Member


So this has happened twice now, i'm not sure what causes it and i'm playing nothing but heimer until I can figure out what happened but after level 3, (when heimer should be storing 2 turrets at a time) he will only build 1. 2 can still be placed at a time but he won't store both with a few exceptions.

1: If you die, you will spawn with 2 stored turrets
2: if you don't let the stored turret counter drop to 0 it will still make and store the second turret.

If you drop both of your turrets at any point, he won't store 2 again until you die. I wasn't sure how to show this but I took a screen shot of having rank 5 turrets but it only storing a maximum of 1 turret.

not sure why the thumbnail won't make a larger picture so here is an imgur link to it