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[Game][Karma][Feeback & Minor Bug]

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I've tried Karma a few times now on the PBE, and can say I quite enjoy her rework. The updated style and abilities bring new life into a loved (or not so loved) champion.

Thoughts on Skills

Passive: To be honest here, I really do not like this passive. I feel that the passive cooldown reduction should be part of her Ultimate's skill, and not her entire passive by itself. It's very much a let down from her older passive, and with Skills like Ezreal's Q make it that much more disappointing. This was one of the only real irritations I found with her Reworked kit.

Inner Flame - Q: I like this, it has a very nice feel to it. The damage doesn't seem too high and it has a good AoE. Definitely a great defensive disengage from ganks with the Ulti delayed damage proc on it. Well done on this.

Focused Resolve - W: A great spell. Some people may complain that losing the ability to tag Allies or the speed part of it is a let down, but I really enjoy this spell. While it is a bit short on the range, it's good overall. Q+W Combo is very fun to use in laning phase to shutdown any advances. The Ulti proc with it is quite a nice heal.

Inspire - E: Good shield, definitely feel that putting the speed on this was a great idea. Having a shield + speed is an amazing defensive combo, and can be used to offensively boost into a fight.

Mantra - Ulti: Same ult as before, I think it may have a tad long of a cooldown at level 1/6, especially with it not having charges anymore, but we'll see how it goes. I do think that moving the Gathering Fire passive to her Ult, and giving her the old passive or an updated one would be a much better choice, though.

Overall thoughts: I like the rework as a whole, but I do gripe at the lack-luster passive she now has. She's at a nice damage/support level, and I feel she'll fit right in with Champions such as Lux, Morgana, Nidalee, or Zilean.

Minor Bug
While playing and reading over her skills, I noticed that the description on her W doesn't capitalize the "K" in the Mantra empowerment part. This is In-game only.