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Lux Partical Effects

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So I don't know if it's just me but I have a really really hard time seeing lux's partical effects. Her spell projectile for Light Binding and the entirety of Lucent Singularity especially and the initial sight line on Finales Funkeln is also extremely hard to see though her actual animation makes it easy to tell she is using it... it's just a little hard to determine where it will hit exactly... I have tried switching to colorblind mode and it isn't any easier to see her partical effects for me. I don't know what to do, it is really hard to play against something you can't see so I have just taken to banning her out simply because I can't defend against skills I can't see.

Edit: I am slightly color blind

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Yeah, colorblind mode only changes the green (team indicator) particles to blue, bue the ones that are red are still there and mimetize with the grass. There was a post with the same regarding headhunter nidalee's Q (its red) just as the finales funkeln sight line. Colorblinds need more love D:

Note: I am not colorblind but i have many colorblind friends, and play in colorblind mode myself