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Junlge clear time and dragon--Sejuani

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I've been toying with her since she became free because I need a tank for high ping day (I'm from Thailand, and we're having kinda infrastructure overhaul here, so 300ms is pretty normal..hence Alistar is dead to me). I don't normally jungle, so my idea of what to do there is probably way off. With that said, can I have some critique on this idea?

Start the game with HPRuby (to rush Liandry's Torment). I have summoner spell Heal and Smite
My jungle order goes (if I don't have pulls) Wolf->Wraith->TP to get HPPots->Blue Golem(around 3-ish minutes here)->small camp (wraith or wolf)->Lizard->gank (around 4:30-ish).
I know this is pretty damn slow, but the plus side is I don't end up with a Machette item (which I don't use), and start off with more HP (which is good for tanks).

I do find that without any regeneration items, tanking mid game does get quite a jiffy harder. I usually push for Liandry->boots->Rylai->finish Merc boots->Sunfire, and try to make myself into a mini Rammus end game.

: Personally, I find that one of the Jungler's main role is killing dragon. I know for a fact that my build has a really hard time killing dragons early on, especially solo. I can tank it while someone else kills it, but my Udyr managed to solo that bugger at level6. I just can't comprehend a good jungle tank build for dragon kills.

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You need to exert control over bot lane and mid before you can even begin to worry about dragon. Sejuani isn't a solo dragon champ, even late game, she takes DAYS to kill the thing by herself. Just focus on ganking and free up bot and/or mid to help you get early dragons.

For building, get a darned machete and build the darned Spirit Stone and build a darned Spirit of the Ancient Golem. It's not a bad item, just sit on a Spirit Stone til late game and get some extra health.

Crystal Scepter can go, you're not going to miss it. Building Crystal Scepter on Sejuani is only slightly more useful than building it on someone like Nunu. Most of your other spells apply Frost in some way and attaching mediocre 15% slows isn't worth your time as it doesn't help you stick to enemies when Arctic Assault is down.

Liandry's Torment can also get tossed. First off, as a percent health shred its only useful late game when enemies actually have extremely high health that you'll see substantial damage against. It's not bad per se, but you need to build it later in the game.

You're far better off with a Sunfire Cape early on, it deals AoE damage similar to the rest of your kit and gives you a nice chunk of health and armor. You can follow it up with a Abyssal Scepter for some magic penetration that will benefit your entire team rather than just yourself. Those two items give you a very nice balance of health, armor, MR, and damage.

Your route also needs some work. First off, since you are now building Machete like a smart jungler, you can easily tackle Ancient Golem at level one. Start and Wolves and proceed to the Golem afterwards for a very fast level 2. Gank immediately since there is no chance that either top or mid are pushed by now, since the minions are just now arriving. If you either fail or land a kill, spam some pots and go take wolves again. Then either gank again or goto wraiths and then the Elder Lizard with Smite. Gank again either going to bot or mid, then take a round on the mini golems and take whatever camps you have the health to kill, then recall.

Build a Spirit Stone and boots, or if you have more than 1300 gold, buy a Giants belt and boots. Then proceed to balance ganking and farming until you're ready to attempt Dragon. You need to successfully secure either bot lane, or mid. Bot is preferable, but sometimes ganking mid and then taking your APC to bot for a 4 man gank is a smart move. Keep tabs on the enemy jungler if he has remained in the bottom half of the map. If you manage to kill or force the recall of at least two players from bot and mid or the jungler, and have suffered no losses yourself. Make sure Smite is off cooldown, drop a vision ward near the entrance to the pit and take a well deserved Dragon with your teammates. The only time you should change plans is if the enemy solo top may teleport to dragon lane to intervene. Make sure you sweep dragon for wards so the enemy isn't aware of you attempting dragon, a well timed cleanup could be disastrous if the enemy solo top appears during a dragon attempt.

Otherwise you should be good with your mid game and late game tactics. Good luck with Sejuani.

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Just as a quick add-on, the Jungler's job is to snowball lanes and provide map control. If your top, mid, and bot are all dominating their lanes because of you, then you've done your job and you can take the 50+ seconds to go solo drag yourself. If your lanes are dominating that hard, they can easily help you out at drag without even harassing or fighting in lane; the enemies won't come near you. After your team is snowballing hard and taking turrets in every lane, then you can start to think about different ways to build her.

The main ways that lane assistance and map control are provided are through clear times and ganking power. The faster you clear, the more you can gank; the better you gank, the more health is chunked out of the opponent and the longer your ally has to dominate lane before they recover or head back to base. Of course, the most successful ganks are ones that involve a kill/assist, but that always goes without saying. Therefore, you want to improve your clear times (Machete + 5 Pots is among the fastest clear times that Sej can put out), and start ganking more.

My problem with Sej right now is that all standard laners have been replaced in the current meta with high mobility champs. I haven't seen a Cass, Anivia, Morde, Annie, or similar champs in ages because they have no dash or jump; everyone that I gank nowadays just uses an ability to fly away if I don't burn Flash, so I end up fail-ganking lanes which causes them to push and then the opposition has the advantage.

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Lord Puppy Fury

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Buy your machete. As your third or fourth completed item (generally), turn it into Spirit of the Spectral Wraith. Spirit Visage is semi-core on Sejuani and the spell vamp of SSW synergizes incredibly well with SV and Sej's AoE damage. Don't build Spirit of the Ancient Golem unless you're versus a pure AD team and need tenacity but obviously not Mercs.

Bulwark, build it, rush it, love it. It's an amazing boost to survivability. Junglers can usually build it before supports and it gives you team so many benefits in those early team fights.

Spirit Visage. I find Sejuani really needs an early Kindlegem for both health and CDR. If the enemy team has at least one AP champion, take a good look at turning your Kindlegem into a SV at some point. If you don't need SV, you can always grab a Shurelya's, Locket, or even a Zeke's.

Warmog's or Randuin's. Get a Warmog's if you need pure health/survivability. Get a Randuin's if you have an enemy ADC, auto-attack based bruiser, and/or select AP champs (Diana) getting out of hand. You can always get an early Giant's Belt and sit on it for a while before turning it into something.

Liandry's. This is a good mid-late game item on Sej. I wouldn't build it sooner than her third major item as you need decent survivability before you get it. However, it gives her a tremendous team fight damage boost.

Tri-force. Good as a late game item, especially if you're to the point where you're selling boots. It's just ridiculously gold efficient and gives Sej a plethora of benefits.

The trick to ganking with Sej is to manage your slows. Don't apply Frost and then immediately activate Permafrost. Let them start to run before laying down the uber-slow. Additionally, try to avoid using your Q to initiate the gank. Your best bet is to save it for chasing and securing the kill as it's cool down is too long to use it more than once per gank. All things considered, Sejuani is best at ganking from behind so try to Q over the dragon or Baron wall and engage through the tri-brush.

Don't worry about soloing dragon with Sej. As others have said, she's not a jungler who's able to do it well and even if you can it will take about a month. Gank bot lane, kill them, and then have your teammates come take dragon with you.

I like to start Wraiths/smiteless Red on Sej. It's not her expected clear path so it solves her little counter jungling problem. Take Q at level 2, immediately run to blue and Q over the wall. You'll have just enough mana to take your second buff and then blue will regen you enough to take Wolves.

Ignore what the Sej haters tell you. They do not know the power of the pig . With a smiteless leash you can gank at level 3. Manage your slows properly and her level 3 ganks are really strong. Post-6 they're absolutely ridiculous.