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Magic Penetration GLYPHS

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They're only slightly weaker than Magic Pen Marks... is it practical to get and use both on the same page?

It brings you up to 13.5 mpen at level 1. That's nearly = to sorc boots... But you sacrifice magic resistance... worth it?

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I agree with you they are a pretty good deal. It depends on who you are playing. My AP Pages are fairly generic, though I have four of them.

One pages is AP Vs AD Mid where I run Armor yellows/Magic Pen Reds/Blues/Quints to get 18.5 magic pen.

Its worth it if you're going against an AD Foe, or possibly if you are mostly a burst or ranged champion that relies more on your ability to out damage/range you opponent and taking harras is of little priority. IE LeBlanc and Lux I could see both benefitting from this set up. On my LeBlanc/Lux page I do run Mana regen Yellows/Full Magic Pen.

Its a matter of preference, in the end though. Its more of a late game versus early game. With this build you will indefinitely do more damage late game, but you will also be able to take less damage.

Yes, its worth having.... No its not always best.