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Detailed Review Of Karma

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I wish she still could heal her teammates instead of just herself, i don't see whats so supportish of her if she can't heal lol, she only has her shield that can support now.

I've literally top laned with karma and won, She is strong and i love how she is more powerful but her fan healing was a huge bonus to her support role, now she can only shield and heal herself.

are people forgetting who the most popular supports are? taric, lulu, thresh, sona, leona, etc.

of those, only two have heals. the rest have shields or peeling/cc. karma has really good peeling and her AoE team shield is really good. combine it with locket and shurelias and that's a lot of team utility. plus, you can also add in her root and if you really need to, mantra'd W can bait enemies into diving you.

while the loss of the heal sucks, its more than made up for in what she received with the rework. her shield is, also, on par or better than every single shield in the game, but janna's and it's the best shield in the game when mantra'd.