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Lets Talk About TEAMFIGHT Position (Need Help)

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In a 5 versus 5 game WHAT is the main objectives in teamfight


focus who
protect who
where to go

what is the job of an adc

what is the job of the mid (AP carry, AP tanky)

what is the job of the top (offtank, tank, dps etc..)

what is the job of the jungler (offtank, tank, dps)

what is the job of the support (healer, tank, mage sup)

who protect who? who focus who? where do I go?

need some help in teamfight

sorry about my english, I didnt speak it well ^^'

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focus on their damage dealers (aka adc and apc) If you have multiple stuns, use them on adcs and apcs, but any extra should be used on enemy players with lots of cc (example would be to stun their adc then stun their leona from doing an aoe stun) This is more of a situational thing to do. I usually get my stuns out on their adc and any other cc on their apc.

Pretty much as a tank your job is to have the adc and apc focus the hell out of you while you sit there and protect your adc any way you can. Try not to die, but if you are in a scenario where either you or the adc will die, you should sacrifice yourself so the adc can live.

If you are an off-tank like garen, you can run in there and focus their adc, this will cause all of their tanks to focus you to protect their adc, and their adc will focus you as well, this will be great because it will allow the rest of your team to focus their main damage dealers

As a support I always focus on putting cc on their damage dealers and protecting our damage dealers, if you have a good adc or apc who is at a safe distance than don't hesitate to protect your tanks/off-tanks since if they die then your adc will be very vulnerable. As a support your job is to either make your adc better or to make your team harder to kill.

As far as placement, your support should have a sightstone. You should have the brush around where the team fight will occur (like brush around river in mid for example) so you won't get ganked. A good thing to do for a team fight is to have your team wait in brush and have someone lure their team over so you can surprise them and get a few easy kills before they have time to realize what is going on. Be careful because the other team should be warding as well and if they know that you are hiding in brush for a gank they will make sure you stay there to waste your time so you are not getting exp or money, or they could come after you with enough people since you will be very vulnerable.

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Put out as much damage as possible, prevent the enemies from putting out damage, and protect your highest damage dealers while disrupting theirs. That's pretty much the gist of every role combination in LoL, and every scenario is so far different that you'll want to prioritize different things in every scenario.