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[Survey] Summoner's Rift "Skill" vs. Non-Summoner's Rift "Experience"

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Hello Summoners! Right now I'm trying to collect data for my Statistics course project, and I would like your help for it.

Something that has bugged me for a while is whether or not not-Summoner's Rift experience has any impact at all on your performance IN Summoner's Rift. I know for a fact that the Dominion forums seem to think there's at least some connection, and a cursory scan of the Twisted Treeline forums also seems to come to a similar conclusion. So, why not see if there's a correlation?


Unfortunately, there's one condition: you must have been placed in Solo Queue during at least one season. I simply don't have any other reliable "skill" statistic to work with here - overall assumed win rate is far more reliable than KDA.


Why just Wins?
The main problem here is that there really isn't any reasonable way to dig up the W/L ratio for every single game mode, nor can I gather up stuff like Average Points per Minute (Dominion) or KDA in every type of Normal. It kinda sucks, but Wins are the only statistic I can really use here, short of using LoLking for KDA...and even that's not particularly useful.

Why are there no Divisions?
First of all, S1 and S2 didn't have Divisions, so if I'm to consider other seasons (ie: I played S1, quit S2, stopped ranked S3) then that isn't going to work. I also consider Divisions within Tiers to be as variable as Elo, in the sense that most people are going to be fluctuating up and down within a certain range.

Why Co-op SR?
To be honest, I may or may not end up using this one. On one hand, there are so many little glitches that you can exploit, to the point where it doesn't seem anything like SR. On the other hand, if you play it "normally" it's still a pretty good simulation of low-tier SR. More data is more data though.

I'm dumping this everywhere I can to hopefully get a good concentration of Not-SR-Heavy players.

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If you guys don't mind, I could use a few more Twisted Treeline heavy players for my survey - most of the respondents I have seem to be either SR heavy or Dominion heavy. I now recognize that the TT remake reset your wins, but I'd still appreciate having some number to work with.