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Do you like Urgot the way he is currently?

Ahahahahah...oh wait. He's serious? Of course not. 64 54.7%
He's kind of under powered, nothing to get my pants in a bunch about 27 23.08%
Meh. Don't play him. I don't care about Champions I don't play. I'm selfish. 5 4.27%
He's good. Learn to play. 11 9.4%
Nerf him. Nerf him to a hollow shell of the Noxian he once was. 10 8.55%
Voters 117 .

Official Urgot Idea thread

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Regnum Dei:
Urgot is a stupid UP champion who gets shut down after 5 minutes into the game.

He's a terribad ultrabad above all incedibads. Buff the hell out of him and I'll finally recognize that he's in the game.


I am an Urgot player and yes at times Urgot has difficulties. Every champion does at some point. Statements like this though can inflame others who do like them so I wish people would be careful.

Urgot could use some changes, but at the same time, depending on his role and who he is fighting, he can really hold his own. I know several that are afraid of fiddlesticks and I owned the map against him last game in mid. We were both laning in mid and there became a 4 level difference just because I knew how to play my champion. After Eve started ganking was there an issue. But by then I was dealing with about four champs in that lane by myself (with no fault to the other players at the time).

I feel that your change to his shield is highly important and a great idea about a single fear attack when the bubble pops. His other weapons as it stands are perfectly fine for me except when there is no ability to attack Morg with the bubble active just because all your skills and main attack are magic based... So a switch to AD would be better for the main attack but all the abilities... Not sure, but would be willing to try it out.

He is very hard to play mid-late game but that also depends once again on who he has been fighting against. Tanks and heavy DPS as we all know own him. Select casters do too, where he also eats a few of them for breakfast. So the real pain you feel here is with his ultimate. It could use more range and could use more buff when you pull it off. He is a slow champ from the beginning and requiring flash to be able to play his ult is a tad frustrating. So your comments on that is cool, and I like that.

I also thought about the grenade going off like the barrel attack, where it sits there until you trigger it or it explodes and it could be useful and it also adds another problem. You do not like the gas being dodged but the canister can just be run away from before the cool down pops and you can trigger your gas, so that could be good and helpful but it could also really suck as I do not see that ability helping out much late game.

After reading all three pages of this post I am sure I missed something and for that I am sorry. I play Urgot because I like his style, he is great to tag some of the faster players with because of his heat seeking ability but if it is a skill it should be harder to dodge since it does so little. So in respect I can see either side. I do not mind him like he is even when he causes me problems in game play, but at those times you need to rely on your team more and fall back to support around mid-late game. Mostly I see a lot of champs target Urgot first almost like a tank and I think that is where a lot of people might get bad feelings from.