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Why is it that even when i get a premade i lose?

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Junior Member


I feel that when i get a premade going i lose still. and this is in a regular game. normally its my lane that gets shut down. (i play support/adc/jungle) in almost EVERY game i fall behind and then normally can pick back up again, but i shouldnt ever fall behind.. i know this. ive been playin for about 5-6 months on this account and my brother's. has anyone got an idea? and if possible. is anyone here able to coach me on skype.

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For me it's the total opposite.
Playing with friend = 80% win ratio
Playing solo queue = 10% win ratio , winning lane 3/4 of the time.

I found that premade is close to ranked games and need a better communication and reflex.
I rarely have good teamates in solo queue o.Ov

Perhaps you just have to play according to premade since it's a little different. It'S more of a '1 team' thing then, I can carry the game and win for everyone. Also, I found that I can get a losing game 5-12 to a 21-14 kind of in solo. But in premade, if its 0-5 good luck. A LOT more harder to get back into the game once a team gets the advantage. People seem to know what they do ..