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Good Katarina build

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I was wanting to know if this was a good build for katarina since i main with here now,

Sorcerers Shoes, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Hextec Gunblade, Void Staff, (need suggestions for the last two)

thanks for helping.

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My Katarina build is Vladimir.

Seriously, I had 3 pages set up for ranked 3s, Graves, Garen, and Katarina.

Somehow I ended up playing a ton of vlad games, and now I can't stop. Still use the same masteries and runes lol.

To be serious though, you should never have your last two items set. Not NEVER, but I used to rely on friends, then guides, and the last 400 games or so I've finally realized how to build on my own, for myself.

No idea how new you are, but how IIIIIII like to build, and would recommend, is to choose two boots, offense and defense depending on how good you do. From there, pick your first grab item, then your first big item, then one or two more big items. Basically, have what you listed (although personally, I like to get a kages first, and get a blackfire torch instead of a void, but that depends on if they have high MR or high HP).

The last two, should be your situational items. Basically, what's going on, and what do you need. Usually I consider a rylais situational for me, based on if I need HP and slowing. You can also add a wooglets here if you're dying a lot and need the extra AP/armor. Possibly a banshee if you're up against certain mages,

For some reason I'm really coming up blank on items, but the last two should be based on how your game is going, and what you need. They should rarely be the same, unless it's your "I'm winning and I need to win harder" items, and you keep winning, then they will be the same, other than that though, the last two items should change game to game

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Here is a good guide to Katarina.


I don't follow it exactly but either way it should help you with your build.