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Cless' Dominion Tutorial

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This is a response to Morello

We are interested in things like onboarding and game support. The reqs are pretty high as that's an advanced role (turns out it's pretty hard!), but for the right person, there's a fit for something like this.

I want to show Riot that I am the right person that'll fit for the position I proposed. Forum mods, please don't move this to the Dominion Forum, as it is targeted towards new players, casual players, experienced players, and RIOTers.

Constructive criticism and Feedback welcomed. This is just phase one. There might be a phase two where I make a video tutorial based on this information. Phase 2 is now in progress.

Edit (3/20/2013): Added in effects of Garrison with mastery.

Edit #2 (3/20/2013): Added in a breakdown of Summoner Spells in FAQs

Edit #3 (3/22/2013): You can view the old version here http://youtu.be/M3jPQ3nkNYA. Video recording and editing isn't my forte so there's a few bumps here and there. Also, I know I don't have a great commentator voice, but it's me. Advanced guide in progress.

Edit #4 (3/22/2013-3/23/2013): Re-did the Beginner video to get rid of video stretching and also broke it down into sections so it's easier to digest. Here's Version 2.0 Full Version: http://youtu.be/OHvTjMxRnaA. It's broken down into segments below if you don't want to view the entire thing in one go. CC captioning will be edited on 3/24/2013. Dominate Dominion Tonight and Tomorrow is my designated weekly take a break day.

Part 1: Before Taking Off - http://youtu.be/EyF2lqaK3v0
Part 2: Heading Top Lane - http://youtu.be/7tD-QI8Pxt8
Part 3: Map Mechanics - http://youtu.be/ijLkBSnqLIs
Part 4: Wrapping up Top Lane - http://youtu.be/G7OKNemuSNg
Part 5: Mid is Mine! - http://youtu.be/KRhqxGfz6QA
Part 6: Bot Lane Loves Minions - http://youtu.be/mty6RekKUUc
Final Part: Oooh, Fireworks! - http://youtu.be/byz73pU8shQ

Edit #5 (4/12/2013): Written Version of Advanced Guide Added/Edited in Post Below.

Cless’ Dominion Tutorial

The Story

The city-states of Valoran always used the Fields of Justice to settle disputes. However, the village, Kalamanda, with its vast amount of natural resources was the latest source of conflict between Demacia and Noxus. Tension between the two age old enemies escalated into combat in the village when General Boram Darkwill, Noxus’ longtime leader, was assassinated. The League of Legends was forced to intervene by conjuring a temporal stasis field over the entire village which trapped both the combatants and villagers. None of the city-states knew that the League wielded such terrifying power. When the League evacuated the trapped citizens, they realized that the temporal field made Kalamanda uninhabitable. Thus, the newest Field of Justice, “The Crystal Scar" was born.

See http://dominion.leagueoflegends.com/crystal-scar for more details.

The Map

This mode emphasizes capturing and holding points. Two teams of 5 battle each other for control of the five points around the map. Holding more points than the other team damages their Nexus. To win the game the enemy Nexus must reach 0.

Global Aura

Increased Ability Resource Regen
Gains Experience Passively
20% reduced Self-Healing


Blue - Starts on the left. Closest capture points are Quarry and Refinery.
Purple - Starts on the right. Closest capture points are Drill and Boneyard.

Capture Points

Windmill - Located at the top of the map and is equidistant to both teams’ bases. Nickname: Top

Drill - Located at the upper right of the map. It is closer to Purple’s base. Nickname: Mid

Boneyard - Located at the bottom right of the map. It is closer to Purple’s base. Nickname: Bot

Quarry - Located at the bottom left of the map. It is closer to Blue’s base. Nickname: Bot

Refinery - Located at the top left of the map. It is closer to Blue’s base. Nickname: Mid


Speed Shrine - Located in the jungle between the mid and top points and the two bottom points. They are winged boots on your minimap. Gives 30% increased movement speed that lasts 10 seconds.

Health Pack - Located between capture points in the outer jungle and the edges of the point. They are plus signs on your minimap. Initially spawns at 2:00 minutes and then 30 seconds after being taken. Recovers health and mana/energy/rage.

Storm Shield - Located in the middle of the map. One will spawn for each team. They look like a shield with a lightning bolt through it. Initially spawns at 3:00 minutes and then 3 minutes after being taken. Gives a scaling shield and attacks and damaging spell casts proc a lightning attack on afflicted targets. Max of once every 4 seconds. Lasts 50 seconds.
641032 641033


A random two adjacent opposing team capture points are chosen as a defend/assault quest objective. Quests are completed with a successful assault and they deal 20 damage to enemy Nexus health and gives a 10% damage boost for your team.
641027 641028

Personal Score

You get points for doing all sorts of things, such as defending a point (+5), picking up a health relic (+2), point capture (+40), etc. However, the general consensus is that this is not an accurate way of depicting how well a player has contributed to their team. Therefore, don’t use this as evidence that your teammate has played poorly in post-game.

New Items

Blackfire Torch - +80 AP, +250 health, UNIQUE passive: +20% CDR, UNIQUE passive- Eyes of Pain: +15 magic penetration, UNIQUE passive: Your spells burn for an additional 3.5% of the target champion's maximum health in magic damage over 2 seconds. Each second burned consumes a charge. Up to 18 charges are generated when not in use.

Entropy - +70 AD, +275 health, passive: 25% chance on hit to reduce your target's movement speed by 30% for 2.5 seconds, UNIQUE active: For 5 seconds, your attacks reduce your target's movement speed by 30% and deal 80 true damage over 2.5 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Grez’s Spectral Lantern - +20 AD, +20 armor, +12% life steal, UNIQUE passive: Your basic attacks against minions and monsters have a 20% chance to deal 200 bonus magic damage, UNIQUE active: A stealth-detecting mist grants vision in the target area for 10 seconds. 60 second cooldown. (1000 Range, 375 AOE estimate).

Hextech Sweeper - +50 AP, +300 Health, UNIQUE passive: +10% CDR, UNIQUE passive: +10% movement speed, UNIQUE passive - Trap Detection: Nearby stealthed enemy traps are revealed, UNIQUE active: Covers an area with stealth-detecting mist for 10 seconds, granting vision of units which pass through it for 6 seconds. 60 second cooldown. (1000 Range, 375 AOE estimate).

Kitae’s Bloodrazor - +30 AD, +40% attack speed, UNIQUE passive: Your basic attacks deal magic damage equal to 2.5% of the target's maximum health.

The Lightbringer - +50 AD, +20 armor, +12% life steal, UNIQUE passive - Vanquish: Basic attacks have a 20% chance to deal 100 bonus magic damage. Effect doubled for non-champions, UNIQUE passive - Trap Detection: Nearby stealthed enemy traps are revealed, UNIQUE active: Covers a target area in a stealth-detecting mist that grants vision for 10 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Oracle’s Extract - Click to Consume: Gives your Champion stealth detection for 5 minutes or until they die

Odyn’s Veil - +350 health, +50 magic resist, +350 mana, UNIQUE passive: Reduces and stores 10% of the magic damage dealt to your champion, UNIQUE active: Deals 200 + (stored magic) [max: 400] to nearby enemy units. 90 second cooldown. (525 Range estimate)

Prospector’s Blade - +20 AD, +5% life steal, UNIQUE passive - Prospector: +200 health (does not stack with other Prospector items)

Prospector’s Ring - +40 AP, +10 mana regen, UNIQUE passive - Prospector: +200 health (does not stack with other Prospector items)

Sanguine Blade - +65 AD, +15% life steal, UNIQUE passive: Your basic attacks grant +6 attack damage and +1% life steal for 4 seconds (maximum 5 stacks)

Wooglet’s Witchcap - +100 AP, +40 armor, UNIQUE passive: +25% AP, UNIQUE active: Places your champion into stasis for 2.5 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any actions. 90 second cooldown.

New Summoner Spell

Garrison - Allied Turret: Interrupts all enemy champions capturing point and grants massive regeneration and attack speed for 8 seconds. Enemy Turret: Reduces damage by 80% for 8 seconds. With Summoner’s Wrath mastery, Allied Garrisoned turrets deal 50% splash damage.


The Start

Champions start at level 3. Both teams are given 1 minute 20 seconds to buy items from the shop before gates open. You are also given an increased passive gold gain once the gates open.

Damaging Enemy Nexus

Nexus starts with 500 health. To deal damage to the enemy nexus, you must control more points than the enemy team, complete quests, or kill enemy champions. Killing enemy champions will take off 2 Nexus health until it reaches 100 health. From there you must control more points to deal damage to enemy Nexus.

Capturing a Point

Right click on the turret to start channeling. If the point belongs to the enemy, it will first become neutral and then to your team. You can see the progress of the channeling from the runes along the outer edge of the point. Turrets will attack minions and target enemy champions, however they will stop attacking once an enemy starts capturing the point. Neutral turrets grant stealth detection to both teams around the point.

Interrupting a Capture

Damage from enemy champions will stop someone from capturing a point. Alternatively, if the point is neutral, clicking on the turret will stop all champions currently capturing it. You can also you Garrison on an allied turret to interrupt all enemy champions currently channeling it.

Spawning Minions

Minions will only spawn when two adjacent capture points are held by opposing teams. Minions will help capture turrets and large minion waves can easily neutralize a turret by themselves.


Team Composition: 2 AD and 2 AP champions, with at least one of them being ranged, to go towards windmill. 3 AD and 1 AP composition also works, even 4 AD can work due to Season 3 penetration changes. One person should break off from the group of four to cap their own mid, those who are melee, have no poke, or lack CC should take this role. The person that goes bot can be AD or AP and is preferred to have minion clearing abilities, tanky, and/or escapes.

Ganking: Bottom lane is a crucial lane as it can lead to potential two capture points for the team. The ganker should be coming from the fog of war and is best if the champion is the opposite damage type than their designated bot ally.

Jungle Control: Camping the brush above the storm shield buff is a good way to get information on the enemy team’s movements, since there are no wards in this mode. You can set up to ambush a lone enemy who is on their way to reinforce windmill. If you know where the enemy team is, for example, they are all at windmill soyou can just bypass them and have one of your teammates go for their mid while the rest set up an ambush in the jungle or gank their bot to force them to respond by either recalling or going through the jungle.

Item Build Planning: Due to the fast pace nature of the game, gold income in a typical Dominion game for someone who goes top is 8-12k gold and 12-16k for bot. The passive gold gain alone for a 20 minute game is 6k gold. Therefore, you won’t be able to pick up all your favorite expensive items from Summoner’s Rift.

Stealth Control: Some champions rely on stealth to engage or escape, grab a Hextech Sweeper, Grez’s Spectral Lantern, or Oracle’s extract to deal with them. The passive on Hextech Sweeper and Grez’s Spectral Lantern do not detect stealthed traps in the brush. Use the actives on these items to grant vision in highly contested jungle brush, or on an enemy Akali, Wukong, Kha’zix, Vayne, etc.
641034 641035

Return of Revive: The most impact one can have in a game is their presence. This is accomplished by being alive and when you use revive you get increased movement speed for 12 seconds. Since the Crystal Scar is much smaller than Summoner’s Rift, this movement speed is enough for you to get back into a losing team fight up top, stop a ninja capper, help defend/gank bot, or recover from a jungle bushwack, etc. If you choose to put a point in the mastery, you also get a scaling increased health for 2 minutes which is not lost upon death.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most useful Summoner Spells and why?

In high Dominion ELO, the most useful spells are Revive, Garrison, Exhaust and Ignite. Revive was mentioned before and Garrison's defensive use massively regenerates your Turret/Point to prevent/delay neutralization. Exhaust is good to have since AD champions are more prevalent on this map. Due to the passive experience gain, you level faster and Ignite scales with your level and some enemy champions may need that healing debuff. Most common combinations are Revive & Garrison, Revive & Exhaust, and Revive & Ignite.

Cleanse, Heal, Barrier, Flash, Clairvoyance are more situational and champion dependent. For example, grab Flash or Cleanse in addition to Revive if you're playing an AD carry with no escapes. Since there's no wards and knowledge is power, Clairvoyance may be not be that bad of a pick. However, these Summoner Spells are generally weaker than the four above.

Ghost, Smite, Clarity are the least useful spells in Dominion. Ghost may look like a good choice, but movement speed has a soft cap and the combination of ghost + speed shrine easily goes past the cap. If you wanted to get around the map, the speed shrines themselves are more than enough to get you from point to point. Since there is no creep buffs to secure, Smite is only used to counter certain champs like Heimerdinger or AD Malzahar at bottom lane and, even then, Garrison would be better. Clarity is tossed aside due to the increased mana regen in the global aura and that the health packs also restore a decent amount of mana.

What walls can I Flash over?

A lot of the walls in Dominion are really thick and to get over the thickest part you must be at the very edge to make it over. Otherwise, you can only flash around the corner which won’t save you as much from all those gap closing tanky dps.

Yellow Arrows show which you can Flash through. Red blocks show where Flash fails.
641004 641006 641007 641008 641009 641010 641011 641012 641013 641014 641015 641016 641022 641024 641025

What is POOTING?

A backcapping strategy done by POOTERSS. You have one dedicated backcapper who chooses a very mobile champion to do nothing but backcap a point to neutral and keep it neutral. This should force an enemy champion to chase your POOTERSS all game long and so top becomes a 3v3. This strategy requires communication with your team, and especially let them know in champ select if you want to attempt this. It is most effective against an unorganized enemy team.

Here’s a video from Dominate Dominion #2 of POOTERSS and Anti-POOTERSS strategy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U5AvS2OyUI

What is the problem with Kassadin?

There are no walls that Kassadin cannot Riftwalk over. Therefore, his mobility on the map is unmatched and can quickly get from one end of the map to another in mere seconds. The problem compounds when Kassadin is built mana tank as his Riftwalk damage would be higher when he ults into team fights, silences and uses Force Pulse, survive, and Riftwalk out.

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Thanks HaIfhearted for the Improved Garrison comment. 3/20/2013
Took Torkable's suggestion on adding a section about discussing summoner spells in terms of usefulness. 3/20/2013

EDIT 4/12/2013: Using this post to put in the Advanced Guide Will respond to Feedback in newer post.

Cless’ Advanced Dominion Guide


Pick champions that you are most familiar/comfortable with and can fill in spots that your team needs. Player skill with a champion is a huge factor in Dominion skirmishes. Here’s an idea on what are some strong champions on this map. If you want more specifics, you can always use Sauron’s Tier list in the League of Legends Dominion subforum.

Tanks: Amumu, Malphite, Leona, Alistar, Maokai, Rammus (you’re looking for champs with good CC, or in the case of Malphite attack speed debuff)

AD Bruisers
: Vi, Pantheon, Darius, Wukong, Jax, Jarvan IV (preferred to have gap closers)

AP Bruisers: Diana, Elise, Rumble, Warwick (AP champs who would build some tankiness)

Assassins: Talon, LeBlanc, Poppy, Fizz, Eve (get in there and take out that high priority target)

Mages: Zyra, Annie, Swain, Ziggs, Brand (CC and AoE damage)

Carries: Ezreal, Corki, Kog’maw (This class is the weakest in solo queue and they need good teams to protect them. Therefore, those who have escapes/long range are highly valued)

Supports: Sona, Lulu (Build tanky with max CDR and make enemy champions cry with all your CC. You do not need GP10 items/masteries/runes in this map)

Bot Lane: Urgot, Malzahar, Nunu, Kayle, Syndra, Zed, Yorick, Heimerdinger (Champions who have good minion clearing/pushing, tanky, or innate sustain are good choices)

Team Composition for Top: Have a good mix of AD and AP, melee and range, tanky and squishy for top. Examples: 1 Tank, 1 AD Bruiser, 1 Mage, 1 Carry; 1 AD Bruiser, 1 Mage, 1 AD Assassin, 1 Support; 2 AD Bruisers, 1 Mage, 1 AP Assassin; 1 AD Bruiser, 1 AP Bruiser, 1 Carry, 1 Support. Team comps are VERY flexible in Dominion, just don’t go all melee, all squishy, or all AP (due to penetration changes and S3 items, you can go all AD, just remember your Last Whispers) and you’re good to go.


Here’s some runes you’d want to use in Dominion games:

Reds: Armor penetration, Magic penetration, hybrid (armor and magic) penetration

Yellows: Flat armor, HP/level, Armor/lvl

Blues: MR/lvl, Flat MR, Flat CDR

Quintessences: Armor pen, Magic pen, Hybrid pen, Movement Speed


Here are some common masteries you’d want to use. Utility tree is not good on Dominion unless you have it for the summoner spell mastery or for relic duration buff. Do not go more than 9 points deep into utility tree, looking at you supports.

21/9/0 or 21/8/1 for squishies getting the summoner spell masteries in the utility and offense tree

21/0/9 as an alternative if you want the movement speed, summoner spell cooldown, and relic buffs (increases duration of speed shrine buff; longer storm shield or quest buff)

9/21/0 or 9/20/1 for tanks, bruisers, and supports

Summoner Spells

The “Flash” of Dominion: REVIVE!

To not look like a complete noob/low dominion elo player, take Revive as one of your summoner spells. The best way to win games is through your champion’s presence on the map. That means being on the map, doing stuff, and not being dead, especially later in the game where 25+ seconds death timers will cause you to get 4 capped or 5 capped.

The Crystal Scar is a lot smaller compared to Summoner’s Rift, so the movement speed boost from using it is more noticeable in getting back onto the map. You can hit revive, and the movement speed boost will easily take you from the middle of your base to a speed shrine. Also, if you have the mastery (which you should) you get a nice bonus health (based on champion level) that lasts 2 minutes and persists through death.

When to use Revive
Smart use of Revive, just like Flash in Summoner’s Rift, separates the good and bad players. You do not use Revive every time it is up, just like you wouldn’t use Flash to get back into lane faster. Only use Revive if you can make a play (save a turret, get back into a team fight, etc.).

Most popular choice is when fighting over Windmill for the first time. If you died first, hit revive and if you’re team isn’t quickly wiped out, you’ll be back in the fight with full health (and more if you have the mastery). If there’s a team with no revive versus a team with all revives, the team with no revives have to kill the other team twice, but the second time the team with no revives will have no offensive summoner spells left and low hp/mana where the other team is at 100+%. If you were the first to die and your team wiped at windmill before you hit the speed shrine, to make use of the revive, go ahead and gank bot lane and take/neutralize the enemy’s bottom point.

For the Bottom Laners, they choose to revive if their turret is under assault so they can get back and interrupt them. If their turret is not in danger of being capped, they should just save their Revive.

What Should My Other Summoner Spell Be?

With Revive being one of your summoner spells, the other spells should be: Garrison, Exhaust, or Ignite in that order.

Garrison: The defensive use of Garrison overpowers the offensive use of it. Defensively, it grants MASSIVE turret regeneration and very slightly increases the turret’s attack speed (you’ll get an extra hit in). With the mastery in the offense tree, it’ll also do 50% splash damage. Turrets in Dominion hurt a lot more compared to Summoner’s Rift so definitely do not tower dive a team who has used a defensive garrison. Also by using Garrison, you can interrupt the entire enemy team channeling on your point from far away and recover whatever channeling the enemy team has done to your turret. (A tank or bruiser going top should take it. The person going bot should take this or exhaust depending on who they picked as bot lane champion).

Offensively, Garrison decreases the turret damage by 80%. When a defensive and offensive Garrison is used on the same turret, the turret regens “health” massively and attacks slightly faster, but only for 20% of it’s original damage.

Exhaust: AD champions are quite popular on this map. You can easily shut down an enemy AD champion with this and is a lot more useful in winning skirmishes than Ignite.

Ignite: Should only be taken if they have someone that has constant sustain, like Swain or Mundo or you think having 3 exhausts on a team is overkill.

Typical team summoner spells are: 5 revives, 2 garrisons, 3 exhausts; 5 revives, 2 garrisons, 2 exhausts, 1 ignite; or 5 revives, 3 garrisons, 2 exhausts.


Here are some items that are good on this map. Specific items that counter enemy champions depends on the individual game and should be bought to help your team. Average gold in a 20 minute Dominion game for Champions that go top lane is anywhere from 8k to 13k gold and for bottom lane champions 12k to 18k gold. If I mention, in parentheses, an item’s upgrade it’s based on how much gold you have and how much “time” left in the game so it’s more of a luxury upgrade.

Starting Items

Prospector Blade/Ring, Boots, 2 health pots (standard)

Ruby crystal, Amp tome, Boots, health pots (for those rushing Blackfire Torch)

Kindlegem, Boots, health/mana pots (for tanks/supports that want early CDR)

2 Doran’s shield, boots, health pots (for tanks that want extra health and enemy team has a bunch of auto attackers)

Emblem of Valor, boots, health pots (for tanks that want an early start into Aegis/Bulwark)

Chalice, boots, health/mana pots (for supports that want to have “unlimited” mana since chalice also stacks with the map’s regen aura)

“Must” Buy For Any Champion Regardless of Role

Hextech Sweeper or Grez’s Lantern (can be upgraded into Lightbringer if you choose). The stats these items gives and the active is too good for its price for any champion. The active is good against enemies that utilize stealth as an escape (i.e. Akali, Shaco, Wukong, Vayne, Kha’zix, Talon), you also check brushes on the map, or use it on fleeing champions so they can’t use brush/fog of war to juke your skills.

For Tanks/Supports

Core items: Hextech Sweeper, Runic Bulwark, Ninja Tabi/ Merc Treads/ Ionian Boots

Defensive items: Frozen Heart (for the attack speed debuff aura and CDR), Odyn’s Veil (the Dominion alternative to Banshee’s Veil), Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads/Ionian Boots depending on enemy team, Abyssal Scepter, Sunfire Cape, Chalice (upgrade to Athene’s Unholy Grail)

Offensive items: Blackfire Torch (get this after your defensive items since your main job is to stay alive and CC enemy champions), Iceborn Gauntlet (the utility AoE slow is good and is a choice for those who would want a Sheen, like Sona), Frozen Mallet (help stick to enemy champions)

For AD Champions

Core items: Grez’s Lantern, Brutalizer (upgrade to Black Cleaver if you’re a bruiser that can apply stacks of it fast on multiple champions, like Wukong or Pantheon), Last Whisper, Ionian Boots/Merc Treads

Offensive items: Vampiric Scepter (upgrade to Sanguine Blade if you are a ranged carry and your bruiser has Grez’s Lantern and your mage/tank/support has Hextech Sweeper), Infinity Edge for ranged (be mindful of gold income/”time” left in game), Phage (upgrade to Frozen Mallet) for bruisers that have trouble sticking to targets, Ghostblade (an alternative upgrade path of your Brutalizer), Phantom Dancer for auto attacking carries (be mindful of gold income. Just stick with Zeal if low on gold/time)

Defensive items: Hexdrinker (upgrade to Maw), Iceborn Gauntlet (AoE slow utility), Quicksilver Sash (for those suppresses, can be upgraded to Mercurial Scimitar)

For AP Champions (Since there is no blue buff or elixir, you want your builds to include a lot of CDR)

Core items: Hextech Sweeper, Blackfire Torch, Sorc Shoes/Ionian Boots

Offensive items: Wooglet’s Cap (Dominion alternative to Deathcap and Hourglass. Also doubles as a defensive item), Morello’s Tome, Deathfire Grasp, Lichbane (for certain champions like Fizz)

Defensive items: Abyssal Scepter, Athene’s Unholy Grail, Wooglet’s Cap (doubles as offensive), Quicksilver Sash

Map Timers (For Those Who Like Numbers)

1:20 Gates open

2:00 health packs appear on map. Respawns every 30 seconds after being taken

3:00 storm shield buffs appear on map. Respawns every 3 minutes after being taken.


If you recall while on a speed shrine, you’ll still have that increased movement speed for 10 seconds.

Team Fighting

In general, avoid hitting their tank and go after the biggest threat or the squishiest person, like a mage, assassin, or carry.

Tanks: You are the initiator. After initiating you can choose to stick onto the enemy’s mage/carry/assassin or help peel for your mage/carry.

Bruisers: Get on to the squishiest target, walk right past their front line tank/bruisers and wreak havoc. However, don’t get too far from your team (like being kited away from your team by the mage/carry). If you have a tank, wait for them to initiate. If you have no tank, you’re initiating and you can choose to peel for your mage/carry or go after their mage/carry/assassin.

Mages: Get your AoE damage on as many targets as possible, even if it is a bunch of bruisers/tanks or CC on the biggest threat if there’s no bruiser on you. If there’s a tank on you who doesn’t do much damage, then ignore them and focus on CCing priority targets. Basically, kite bruisers, ignore tanks, pump out that damage while trying to stay alive. You may need to try and kill the bruiser(s) that hop on to you and let your bruisers worry about the enemy’s back row squishies. Watch out for assassins.

Assassins: If you can get in and instagib a squishy and get out, go for it (making it an immediate 4v3). Otherwise wait for tank/bruiser to initiate and then go in and instagib the carry/mage. It would be nice if you survived in the teamfight, but not required as long as you took down that high priority enemy squishy.

Carries: Kite kite kite! You are the main target. Unless it’s just a Leona or low damage tank with no backup bruisers/assassins on you, you can ignore the tank and help attack the enemy bruisers. Try not to get instagibed by an assassin though.

Support: CC any bruiser or assassin that hops to your back line. Try to keep your mage/carry alive. If you have AoE CC try and hit as many targets as possible with it.

Taking Control of the Game Flow

You want to win and need more ideas on how to improve not just as an individual, but as a team player. You’ll need map awareness of not just the enemy team but your own teammates and respond to what they do. Working as a team is what will truly win the game so here are some team tactics.

Jungle Control: Regardless of whether or not your team has windmill, you have assert jungle control. Take control of the area north of the storm shield buffs with the brush to see enemy team movement. If you notice that their squishy is traveling alone to windmill, go ahead an instagib him from that brush. If you notice that the entire enemy team (not counting their bot laner) is at windmill defending, go ahead and send one person to take their mid while the rest of the team sets up an ambush in the jungle. There are 3 ways the enemy team will respond. They will either use the jungle and walk back towards the mid. Use the lane and walk back towards their mid (you’ll see them in the lane at all times). Or Recall and walk from their base to mid. Either way, you got them off the turret and into your playground. If they chose to ignore their mid, well, you just got your team a free capture point.

If you completely dominate the Jungle, you can even choke the enemy team at their base’s exit where they fear to even go into the jungle. This is usually results in 4-5 capping an enemy team consistently.

Ganking Bottom Lane: Bottom laners hate gankers because they can’t farm as safely as possible and won’t take be able to offensively push their minion wave as much. Best way to gank bottom is to send someone that is the opposite damage type of your bot laner. This is because bot lane champions build their defense to counter their rival bot laner. When ganking bot lane, you should stay in the Fog of War as long as possible for the element of surprise. Here are some paths:

658370 658372 658373 658374

Unique Dominion Build Highlight: AD Malzahar

This is not a troll build and was preferred to AP Malzahar in Season 2 and is specific to going bot lane. Right now with some Malz ult change and Blackfire Torch, AP Malzahar is on par to AD Malzahar. I’m not exactly sure who came up with this build that worked consistently, but Aparkhurst a super high Dominion ELO (was #2 in the world before we couldn’t find out our Dominion ELO anymore) and dedicated bot lane player is known for this build.

The Build: Last Whisper, Manamune, Brutalizer/Black Cleaver, Ionian Boots, defensive items depending on matchup (Odyn’s Veil, Runic Bulwark, Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart or Randuins, etc.)

Why it works: Malzahar’s voidlings get 20 + (5 × level) + (100% Bonus AD) attack damage. After 7 seconds, the voidling grows, gaining 50% increased armor and base attack damage. After 14 seconds, the voidling gains attack speed. Also, voidlings prioritize their attacks on the target of Nether Grasp, then enemies suffering from the most recent Malefic Visions, then the target Malzahar is attacking.

In addition, his voidlings are also affected by Malz’s armor penetration and they can apply Black Cleaver debuffs on targets. A good Malzahar can easily get 2 sometimes 3 void puppies munching on you during his ult. A late game voidling does 200 damage EACH per auto attack. Those void puppies are vicious and then tack on Malz’s base spells’ damage and you’re in for a world of hurt.


That’s it for the guide. Thanks for viewing it and I hope the information will help you in your growth as a Dominion player.

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You did a good job on this.

Unfortunately, it will most likely still be moved to the dominion sub forum, even though you explicitly requested otherwise.

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Bump to the front.

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I think I may try a couple Dominion games after reading this guide. ATM, my teams lose cause I just run around like a chicken with no head!

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Bump for the newly added Beginner VIDEO tutorial I created. The link is at the top of the first post. After I give my voice a rest and figure out how to dissect the advanced guide, that will be coming out soon as well.

I might go back and polish the Beginner Video Tutorial later to have less in-game sound and more mic, try and figure out how to get rid of the flickering after recording, and less screw ups in my dialogue so that there isn't the awkwardness when I clip out the "uh's" and stuff.

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Mods are asleep, Post Dominion Threads.

Anyways, I've redone the Beginner Tutorial Video since it was stretched (I couldn't tell due to my fossil monitor of 4:3) and redid all the scenes for it. Links are at the top.

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Stiff Tacos

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Support bump

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Very good guide.

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I feel like this deserves a necro.

Seriously guys, this guide is insane and represents a lot of effort. Let's see some discussion!